The MAN National Day of Oratory was a success

Important call and participation of people from San Luis Potosí in the National Day of Oratory organized by the National Torch Movement (MAN), which took place yesterday in this city at the facilities of the Camilo Arriaga Normal School, and simultaneously in the 32 most important capitals in the country.

In this fair in which issues related to problems of education, ecology, the improper exercise of political power, the negative effects of bullying, the economy, and among others, the insecurity that Mexicans suffer, were exposed, they were the results: in the Worker – Popular category, the first place went to Miguel Isaí Noyola, for the Magisterial category the first place went to Karla Adriana Zárate Sánchez, in the Free Student category the first place was Orlando Sánchez Martínez and in the Juvenile category ” B” first place went to Sandy Monserrat González.

In this competition, which was very competitive, the participation of many young people who did their best to obtain the first places was impressive, “in this contest the participation of young people stands out, and I was very pleased to listen to the boys, because through His exposition made us reflect on the problems that we Mexicans live and their solutions, how well they approach this activity of the dissertation, of oratory; because through it, great men in the history of humanity have managed to change the course and destiny of societies; through oratory and persuasion, it is possible to transform men into the path of good, as does one of the greatest contemporary orators in our country, who is our national torch leader, the teacher Aquiles Córdova Morán, one one of the most cultured, intelligent and persuasive men in Mexico through public speaking”, highlighted Laura Patricia Silva Celis, member of the qualifying jury, former local deputy and member of the state torch committee.

This oratory competition organized by the MAN was carried out simultaneously in all the cities of the country, with the participation of hundreds of young people who presented current issues and did their best to make society and the public aware I hear.