The mansion of a Russian hierarch on a paradisiacal beach near Barcelona

The Russian official with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during an event in Moscow. Sputnik/Alexei Druzhinin/Kremlin via REUTERS (SPUTNIK/)

The water of the Mediterranean Sea in the Cala dels Corbs, an exclusive spa in Catalonia, is so clear that vacationers often have the feeling that they are levitating when they cool off. This town, located 120 kilometers from Barcelona, on the way to the French border, has had secret visitors linked to the Russian oligarchy in recent years. the official Sergei Kiriyenko, a key man for president Vladimir Putin, would have bought a property on Spanish soil through a figurehead.

Russian media sobesednik Y Vazhnie Istorii investigated the presence of relatives of Kiriyenko in this luxury property that stands on the rock formations that make up the shores of the Mediterranean. The reconstruction began through different posts that his family nucleus made on social networks. infobae verified that the owner of the property in Cala dels Corbs is Roberto Gndolián, a close friend of the official’s son, who filed a Spanish company as the formal owner of the property.

Kiriyenko He is key in the Kremlin: he has been the head of the Presidential Administration since 2016, which shows his closeness to Putin. He was also the man behind the annexation referendums of the Donbasswhich justified the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But this official had already been under scrutiny in 2020, when the European Union He had included him in his list of those sanctioned after the poisoning of the opponent Alexéi Navalni, today detained in Moscow.

The house faces the Mediterranean Sea, in the province of Girona. The vanguard.

Geography has allowed the Kiriyenko They will transform the mansion facing the Mediterranean into a kind of fortification. The main house, built on two floors, totals about 350 square meters. The land is located on the edge of a cliff path almost 3,000 meters long, which makes access to the house difficult, according to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, which reproduced the journalistic investigation.

This house is in the name of Bell-67 SLa company that changed ownership at the end of 2013. The address of the firm is set in the “Comunitat Cala deis Corbs, Parcela 1″, province of Girona, he was able to verify infobae based on official documents. The negotiations – adds the investigation – were in charge of a person named Vladimir Suriname, who visited the house on several occasions that year. Since the change of hands of the company -and therefore of the house- was carried out, the company has increased its capital to 2.8 million euros.

The Russian media assure that this capital increase is justified by the purchase of a second piece of land, next to the house. It would be a 16,000 m2 property with a small house that would be used by security personnel for the Russian official. The property has different cameras to observe any movement in the surroundings.

A long cliff protects the house from the curious who want to approach by water. www.

The figurehead, a friend of his son

The mansion is in the name of Gndolián, a study partner of Vladimir Kiriyenko, the official’s son. Gndolián was already involved in other financial operations than his partner and even took him to work with him at the public telecommunications firm Rostelecom.

It is not the first time that friends of Putin or Russian criminals have strengthened economic ties with Spain. Days after the war in Ukraine began, the Spanish government seized a yacht owned by tycoon Sergei Chemezov, head of Rostec, Russia‘s public arms company, as part of the sanctions imposed by the European Union.

The imprint of Russian money is almost always opaque on the Spanish coast. Among the police operations with the most impact, the arrest of Alexander Grinberg, accused of laundering money for the Russian mafia, stands out in 2017. Years ago Alexander Malyshev had also been arrested in an operation against the Russian mafia in which 12 million euros, dozens of yachts and luxury houses were obtained.

The area where the house is located is one of the most coveted for the natural context that surrounds it.

A Putin man

Few thought that Kiriyenko he would make a career within the Kremlin. He had been appointed, to the surprise of many, as Russian prime minister in 1998, the youngest official to hold that position at just 35 years old. The devaluation of the ruble and a financial crisis ousted him from office just four months after taking office.

But that short time as one of the highest Russian authorities opened the doors of a relationship that would ensure his political future. Kiriyenko appointed a then unknown Vladimir Putin as head of intelligence services. Two years later, Putin would score his first electoral victory to become Russia’s premier. One of his first measures is to deliver to Kiriyenko a military position in a key location for the development of nuclear energy. Years later, Putin promoted him to run Rosatom, the Russian state atomic energy giant.

With the war in Ukraine already unleashed, Kiriyenko He got even closer to Putin, as reconstructed by the Russian portal Meduza. He was seen in military uniform by Kherson and Melitopol and even proposed to administer the Russian-occupied territories in Ukraine. Meduza reported that the official personally persuaded Putin to hold elections in Donbas to annex its territories that had already been occupied by Russian troops. According to Meduza, Kiriyenko was one of the ideologues of the “sponsorship” of the Russian regions over the different regions of Ukraine, which basically consists of financing the reconstruction of those places and assistance to the personnel. For example: Saint Petersburg has pledged to help Mariupol.

Since Putin made the decision to invade Ukraine, it is increasingly normal to find Kiriyenko participating in public events. Some Russian media even consider that he intends to run as Putin’s successor. While Kiriyenko perpetuates the horror of war, his family enjoys the peace of nature and paradisiacal Spanish beaches.

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