The maps that show how Makiivka was after the Ukrainian bombing of a Russian base

Images of Makiivka after the Ukrainian bombing of a Russian base (REUTERS) (ALEXANDER ERMOCHENKO /)

Makiivka was the scene of one of the most successful attacks in recent times on the troops ukrainian. During New Year’s Eve, the missiles of the troops of Zelensky they reached a school in the city, where the soldiers Russians, in the occupied region of Donetsk.

“A massive blow was dealt to the vocational school,” he posted on his Telegram channel. Daniel Bezsonova senior Moscow official in the region, after the missile incident Himars happened two minutes after midnight of the new year.

The images satellite from that same day show how, hours after the attack, a hole can be seen in the center of the city, where the building used to be. The image is even clearer when compared to the same satellite photograph from a few days earlier.

Satellite image of Makiivka from January 2, 2023, after the attack (REUTERS)
Satellite image of Makiivka on January 2, 2023, after the attack (REUTERS) (PLANET LABS PBC /)
Satellite image of Makiivka from December 20, 2022, days before the attack (REUTERS)
Satellite image of Makiivka from December 20, 2022, days before the attack (REUTERS) (PLANET LABS PBC /)

The headquarters of the vocational training school were reduced to mountains from debris and left hundreds from dead. On this, however, and as from the beginning of the war, there are different versions regarding the number of Russian casualties. According to him Ukrainian Ministry of DefenseThey were 400 the dead in the ranks of Moscow, which would mean one of the most devastating attacks suffered by the enemy army.

On the other hand the Kremlin only barely noticed 63 lost soldiers in this episode. “As a result of an attack with four missiles with a high-explosive warhead against a temporary deployment point, 63 Russian servicemen were killed,” the Russian Defense Ministry said at the time.

Even on the mercenary’s Telegram channel Cluster Wagneracting under the orders of Vladimir putina blogger mentioned that the death toll exceeds 130about the more than 500 officers who were on the scene.

This fact, in turn, generated a wave of questions against Putin, even from those closest to him. The military immediately wondered how hundreds of soldiers were living in a building that was within range of weapons from kyiv.

The mercenaries and some legislators They also joined the criticism and demanded a severe punishment to the commanders in charge, whom they accuse of having ignored these very elementary dangers to which the soldiers who were sent to the battlefield were exposed.

People in Russia lamented the casualties and questioned the tactics used by the commanders (REUTERS)
People in Russia regretted the casualties and questioned the tactics used by the commanders (REUTERS) (ALBERT DZEN /)

“What happened in Makiivka is horrible,” wrote the Russian military blogger Archangel Spetznaz Z, who again condemned: “Who came up with the idea of ​​placing so many personnel in a building, where even a fool understands that, even if they shoot with artillery, will there be many dead or wounded?

These claims align with the complaints increasingly frequent that target the Kremlin and the lack of interest in the lives of soldiers who are sent to fight, with almost no training and insufficient weapons.

After this event, Russia continued with its strategy and bombed more Ukrainian cities, including an ice hockey stadium, a hotel, a bus station, a church, farm buildings and private houses in Druzhkovka.

Along with these, Moscow carried out attacks on other sites, resulting in at least three deaths and eleven injuries.

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