The mayor of kyiv warned that trying to take the capital Ukraine would be a big mistake on the part of Moscow

File photo of the mayor of kyiv, Vitali Klitschko (REUTERS / Valentyn Ogirenko) (VALENTYN OGIRENKO /)

Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, warned Russian troops on Wednesday that they will encounter “surprises” and “gifts” if they try to retake the cityjust as it happened during the first days of the invasion ordered by Vladimir Putin.

In view of a possible new offensive on the Ukrainian capital, Klitschko assured that the city is now “much better” prepared than a year agowhen the Russian troops took part of the city, although they were later expelled.

“It is no secret that kyiv was, and remains, the target of the aggressor. kyiv has a special status: it is the capital, it is a symbol. The Russians still want to seize it, but the question is whether they will be able to do so”, asserted the mayor of the capital, according to the state news agency ukrinform.

With the first anniversary of the war on the horizon, Ukrainian officials have warned that Russia may be planning a new major global offensive. Klitschko remarked that trying to take kyiv would be “a big mistake” on Moscow’s part.

Former professional boxer Vitali Klitschko visits a place where Ukrainian soldiers are being trained on Leopard tanks, at the German Army Bundeswehr base in Munster, Germany, February 20, 2023 (REUTERS/Fabian Bimmer)
Former professional boxer Vitali Klitschko visits a place where Ukrainian soldiers are being trained in Leopard tanks, at the Bundeswehr base of the German army in Munster, Germany, on February 20, 2023 (REUTERS / Fabian Bimmer) (FABIAN BIMMER /)

On the other hand, Ukrainian military intelligence held on Wednesday the lack of substantial advances by Russian forces in the east due to an alleged shortage of ammunition, while the head of the Wagner Russian mercenary group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, accused the Russian Army of not supplying him with projectiles.

The analysis of Kiev’s military intelligence, which does not give Moscow the slightest chance of success in its objective of taking over all of Donbas, was consistent with what Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky stated on Tuesday after meeting with his generals, who consider the lack of big moves on the eastern front a proof of Russian impotence. “Despite all the pressure against our forces, the front line has not changed”Zelensky said in his daily address.

Meanwhile, the Russian military command reported on Wednesday several “successful actions” on the Donetsk front, where they reportedly inflicted nearly 420 casualties, including dead and wounded, on Ukrainian troops. The war report did not specifically mention the situation in Bakhmut, the Donetsk town where the toughest fighting takes place.

(With information from EFE and EuropaPress)

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