The memes left by the defeat of Canelo Álvarez against Dmitry Bivol

The fans mocked Canelo Álvarez’s defeat (Photo: Joe Camporeale/USA TODAY Sports) (Joe Camporeale/)

What happened during the night of Saturday, May 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada, shook the career of Saul Cinnamon Alvarez because the man from Guadalajara could not face the supremacy of Dmitry Bivol Y ended up losing by unanimous decision. The man from Guadalajara experienced his second defeat, so the social networks did not forgive the result.

Different images went viral on the internet in which they mocked the presentation of Saúl Álvarez above the ring, because throughout the contest the current WBA light heavyweight champion (World Boxing Association) dominated the match and even cornered Saul on different occasions.

The punishment received by the Tapatío led to viewers made memes of what was happening above the ring, since for periods of combat the 168-pound champion was outclassed by the Russian contender.

memes canelo vs bivol
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Most of the images focused on the blows received by the Cinnamon Well, due to the difference in height and the change of division, they caused the Mexican boxer to arrive at a disadvantage, so Bivol took advantage of his experience and landed most of the punches to Alvarez’s face. Others lamented the way in which Saúl lost because they had the illusion that the Mexican would take the advantage.

As the rounds passed, the appearance of the native of Guadalajara, Jalisco, changed and he looked tiredfor which boxing fans reproached him for his preparation for the fight and They mocked the effects that Bivol’s fists left on Álvarez’s face.

Another element that gave way to ridicule and comparisons on the internet was that prior to the fight, Cinnamon came to the ring accompanied by the theme The Final Countdowna song that is popularly known for the film of Rocky IV.

memes canelo vs bivol
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In the film, the character apollo creed lost the fight against Ivan Drago, who is of Russian nationality; so the similarities between reality and fiction gave way to the public qualifying the Cinnamon What apollo creed Y They will recreate different emblematic scenes of the film with what happened in Las Vegas.

Another of the most outstanding moments of the contest occurred in the last rounds when Cinnamon loaded Bivol after an attempt to lower it with his fists. Álvarez’s height caused him to fall under the Russian’s arm and To avoid looking bad in front of him, he preferred to carry him.

memes canelo vs bivol
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The judge had to stop the round for both fighters to follow the rules of the fight, so Bivol was called out for trying to get down to the Cinnamon with their fists improperly. The scene gave way to this image being taken to illustrate moments of daily life and making fun of Saul’s peculiar reaction.

On the other hand, another sector of boxing fans “justified” the defeat of the Mexican to avoid international conflicts. They pointed out that Cinnamon Álvarez lost on purpose so as not to get involved in Russia‘s invasion of Ukraine. Although the fight Dmitry was not allowed to carry any type of element alluding to his nationality -because of the war-, Internet users took up that detail with humor to show the resounding defeat of Álvarez.

After the result of the cards was announced, in which the difference was very minimal from 115 to 113, the public pointed out that the one who should train the Tapatio should be the actor Alfredo Adame due to the fights he has staged in the street and that have gone viral.

memes Canelo vs Bivol memes canelo alvarez canelo alvarez defeat canelo memes defeat
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memes Canelo vs Bivol Canelo Alvarez saul alvarez canelo defeat bivol
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memes canelo vs bivol
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memes canelo vs bivol
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