The memes left by the resignation of Liz Truss

Liz Truss announced her resignation as British Prime Minister (REUTERS) (HENRY NICHOLLS /)

By political and economic crisis in which is the United Kingdomwhich was intensified in the last six weeks with the measures that Liz Truss had promoted, the prime minister announced on Thursday her resignation. The fact -which did not take many by surprise- lent itself to all kinds of memes that quickly flooded social networks.

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The conservative leader was in a moment of fragility since not only faced critics outside the party but also lacked the support of a large faction of the Tories. Added to this, in the last hours two of its key ministers had presented their resignation. It was the leader of the Interior portfolio, Solla Braveman, and the head of the conservative bloc in Parliament, Wendy Morton.

liz truss memes
The memes left by the resignation of Liz Truss (Twitter: @Nanisimo)

In the midst of this climate of tension and instability, days ago, the chain Daily Star had proposed a challenge on his YouTube channel in which they broadcast the image of the Prime Minister along with a lettuce, to see who managed to come out undefeated. This Thursday, before the fall of Truss, the chain mounted a celebration around the smiling lettuce along with flags and food.

meme Liz Truss
The memes left by the resignation of Liz Truss (Twitter: @Dani_CarpioM)

Thus, the axis of the jokes was, mainly, in the short period of time that the woman spent at the head of the government, which turned hers into the shortest management in the country. “Given the situation, I cannot fulfill the mandate for which I was elected by the Conservative Party,” she announced in a brief speech just 45 days assuming, enough time for the package of economic measures – known until now as the “mini plan”- erode the support of society and their environment.

The memes left by the resignation of Liz Truss (Twitter: @ iNabber69)

Given that Truss managed to stay in power for less than two months, many compared her step more than as a long-term task as one of the goals that the woman wanted to fulfill in her life, something like her famous “Bucket List”. Some were even encouraged to comment that “having achieved her goal of Prime Minister in one month, there was no need for a second”.

“I completed it mate” (Twitter: @meglbrunton)

Many people compared with a certain irony to Downing Street -the official residence- with the application for temporary accommodation airbnb and even with the television program Big Brother, famous for the surprise entry and exit of people to the great house. Until the cat who lives in the official residence, Larryjoked about the passage of his partner and the new scandal in which he plunged the country.

“Next to be eliminated is…” (Twitter: @KwajoHousing)
liz truss memes
The memes left by the resignation of Liz Truss (Twitter: @ StephenMoreton3)

Now the UK is embarking on the arduous task of choosing a successor for Truss, amid conflicting views among those who support a election within the party and who ask general elections. However, as uncertain as who will be the next president is the future of the former conservative leader. Some users in the networks joked about the next few days of her.

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the irish airline Ryanair posted on his Twitter account a plane ticket in which Truss is ironically invited to leave Downing Street, bound for “anywhere”.

meme Liz Truss
The memes left by the resignation of Liz Truss (Twitter: @Ryanair)

For their part, other users refloated photos from the woman’s past, including one in which she was with the popular singer Taylor Swift and they explained that their resignation is given with the aim of being able to spend more time listening to their music.

The memes left by the resignation of Liz Truss (Twitter: @pojbase)

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