The mentions of Lucero that are in ‘They are me’ and that describe his bond with Sergio Andrade

Gloria Trevi’s life is faithfully portrayed in her new bioseries, “They are me.”


If you haven’t seen yetThey are me”, the successful bioseries of Gloria Trevi, here we detail the mentions that the figure of “Lucerito” has had in some chapters of the production.

A little over a month ago, “They are me” was released, a successful production that takes us through the life of Gloria Trevi and that has caused a fury in the public. Chapter after chapter, key characters who were decisive in this story are shown. and, of course, there are many doubts and curiosities about them that have gradually come to light.

One of the figures that attracts the most attention is that of Lucero, since it is well known that Gloria Trevi became publicly known when she was chosen to be the double of “Chispita”, the character that Lucerito played at that time. Likewise, it is important to remember that Sergio Andrade He was allegedly the manager of “America’s Sweetheart” for a time.

In “They are me” the figure of Lucero is mentioned several timesalthough of course, under another name, a constant that has been maintained throughout the series: know the mentions that have been made of this figure.


Lucerito does appear in “They are me” even from the first chapter, although under the name “Chispita”, the same name as his character that he played when he was just 13 years old. In a contest organized by the XE-TU program to find the young woman’s double, Gloria Trevi She became known and, after winning, became quite famous.

In fact, if you look closely, An original video by Lucerito appears in the first chapter of the bioseries at the moment when Gloria Trevi narrates who the musical stars were at that time.

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On the other hand, “César Santiago” (Sergio Andrade in real life) Apparently he mentions Lucero in “They are me”, saying that on one occasion he was in love with a girl, but her mother separated them. version that coincides with the rumors that have existed for years, which indicate that Sergio Andrade was Lucerito’s producer for a time until his mother decided to end this working relationship because he began to become obsessed with the young woman. Lucero, for his part, has denied any type of romantic relationship with him in several interviews.

Another alleged mention of Lucero, says journalist Jorge Carbajal in a YouTube video, It occurs in a part of the series where “César Santiago” is beaten by two men who suggest that he had gotten Lucero pregnant., although of course, this version has not been officially confirmed: “And you left her three months pregnant. You destroyed her life,” the characters are heard saying, although without mentioning the name of the person affected.

Indeed, the figure of Lucero was decisive for Gloria Trevi’s career, and her character could not be left behind in “They are me”, interesting bioseries that will surely continue to give something to talk about.