The messages of the day of the assault on the US Capitol: what the son of Donald Trump said during the attack of the extremists

Donald Trump Jr (Photo: Reuters) (Carlos Barria /)

The publication of the messages Mark Meadows received, former chief of staff of the White House during the government of Donald trump, revealed that the son of the then president asked his father to give a message to condemn the violence during the assault on the Capitol and detain the protesters, a request that did not have an echo in the Executive.

The House panel investigating the January 6 attack voted Monday to recommend that charges be applied to disrespect against Meadows for refusing to testify about Trump’s actions before and during the insurrection. During the session, the Republican congresswoman Liz cheney, vice president of the commission and confronted with the tycoon, He detailed a series of text messages that the official received on January 6 from various people.

Gotta condemn this shit ASAP“Wrote Trump Jr.”Capitol Police tweet is not enough”. The president had asked people to cooperate with the Capitol police and to be peaceful.

Meadows responded: “I’m pushing a lot. I agree”. Trump’s firstborn replied: “We need a speech in the Oval Office. He (Trump) has to lead now. Has gone too far and got out of hand”. The details of the exchanges inside the White House are unknown, but finally the president did not ask his followers to end the siege.

The attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2020 (Photo: Reuters)
The attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2020 (Photo: Reuters) (Leah Millis /)

It was also revealed that Meadows also received messages from presenters from Fox News, the conservative chain most followed by the president, who also urged the then president to stop the riots.

“Mark, the president has to tell the Capitol people to go home. This is hurting us all. He’s destroying his legacy, ”Laura Ingraham told him. Brian Kilmeade, another star of the channel, wrote to him: “Please take it [a Trump] to television. (They are) destroying all that it has achieved. “

Congresswoman Cheney also detailed texts that she said were from members of Congress and others on Capitol Hill. “Hey Mark, the protesters are literally storming the Capitol”said a text. “Breaking windows in doors. Entering in a hurry. Is Trump going to say something? “

Another appeared to come from a member of the House of Representatives. “There is an armed confrontation at the door of the House of Representatives”the text read, according to the panel.

After presenting the messages to the committee, Cheney summarized: “These texts leave no room for doubt. The White House knew exactly what was going on on Capitol Hill. “

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Donald Trump and Mark Meadows (Photo: Reuters) (JONATHAN ERNST /)

The commission voted 9-0 to advance criminal charges against Meadows, who declined to appear for a statement last week.

Lawmakers planned to ask him about Trump’s efforts to reverse the election results in the weeks leading up to the assault, including Meadows’ outreach with states and his communication with members of Congress.

It is taken for granted that the House of Representatives will now approve the recommendation, This will take the former congressman one step closer to becoming the first White House chief of staff to face trial after leaving office since HR Haldeman in the Watergate scandal nearly 50 years ago.

The one who was one of Trump’s top advisers in the White House “Is in a unique situation to provide key information, having played an official role in the White House and an unofficial role related to Mr. Trump’s re-election campaign, “the panel said in a 51-page report released Sunday night.

The report details the questions lawmakers have about the thousands of emails and texts Meadows had provided to the committee before ending its cooperation, including 6,600 pages of records taken from personal email accounts and around 2,000 text messages.

The panel hasn’t released all of the documents, but the report says they include exchanges about Meadows’ attempts to help Trump reverse his defeat in the presidential election, communications with members of Congress and organizers of a rally held the morning of the riots, and messages between collaborators and others while the violent attack was unfolding.

A 51-page document was released on Sunday with part of those messages, including a January 5 email from Meadows telling an unidentified person that the National Guard was ready to “protect the pro-Trumps”.

At the moment, the commission has already interviewed about 300 people, between witnesses and congressmen, and plans to present a hearing early next year to present its first conclusions and findings.

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