The Mexican does not like people to exceed themselves: Sofía Niño de Rivera talks about the “salary of 30 thousand pesos”

Sofia Nino de Rivera He does not regret what he said about the salary he received when he worked in advertising.

Sofía is currently a standupera, a profession she dedicates herself to after effectively quitting her advertising job on the grounds that it is very poorly paid.

“Advertising agencies pay terrible, I ended up earning 30 thousand pesos a month at 28 years old. To earn more than that, I had to spend another 15 years in advertising and it’s very macho,” he said. Sofia Nino de Rivera on the Insane podcast.

The statement was widely criticized for considering that it was exaggerated to complain about a salary with that amount.

“You are going to make those who earn 12 thousand pesos cry,” was one of the comments on social networks.

This weekend, the comedian returned to the subject in the interview with Yordi Rosadowhere she began by explaining that every time she is involved in a controversy, the first thing she does is reflect to decide if she was wrong or not.

“It depends a lot on how they catch you, if they catch me on a good day where I’m sure of myself, where I know who I am, I don’t have any problem. The first thing I always do is see if I did water it, if I do something controversial I say: ‘did you water it or not?’”.

In the case of the salary of 30 thousand pesos, Sofia He says he still thinks that it was not an offensive comment and that the criticism demonstrates a deeply rooted problem in the way of being of the Mexican.

“They criticize me because I wanted to improve myself as a person and as a professional. I never said ‘my miserable salary of 30 thousand pesos’, I never said it was a disgusting little salary, what they did was misrepresent all my words, “explained the comedian.

He stressed that his comment referred to a personal experience and that it was not a generalization, but the story of how he managed to change his life.

“I had been in advertising for 7 years. I had university, years of work experience for me to earn more than 30,000 pesos at 28 years old it would have taken another 7 years. If I want to have a family or if I want to have a bigger apartment or have more things, I wanted to earn more money, besides, I went to earn less money because I quit and started earning zero, but I preferred to continue in a subsidized industry with that they don’t pay you overtime, that they don’t value you”.

In that sense, Sofia She is convinced that she did not say something outrageous and that those who criticized her did so for clear reasons.

“Can’t you ever talk about money because there are people who earn less than you? There are also people who earn more than me. The problem with Mexicans and Latinos is that they don’t like people to outdo themselves, they don’t like that if you don’t come from scratch you create something. They don’t like a woman talking about success.”

The comedian explained that from her point of view, she represents many things that society has not agreed on, so it is “very difficult not to offend someone.” “I’m tired of trying, I don’t try anymore,” she concluded.