The Mexican National Team presented its new shield and thus Faitelson threw the FMF

The Mexican National Team presented its new shield (Photo: Twitter / @ miseleccionmx)

On the night of this Tuesday, November 30, the Mexican team unveiled its new image. As part of the renovation of the Tri prior to Qatar World Cup 2022, the Aztec team logo was changed.

But the shield was not well received by the fans, as different people and sports commentators made fun of the logo of the national team. One of them was David faitelson. True to his critical and controversial style, the sportscaster from ESPN shared his opinion of the logo.

Through his official Twitter account he criticized the management of Yon de Luisa at the head of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF). He took the opportunity of the new shield to ironize the strategies that the president of the FMF has undertaken with respect to the National Team.

Faitelson vs new Mexican team shield
(Photo: Twitter / @ Faitelson_ESPN)

He claimed that “the best shield” that the Tri It must be honesty and work with order. This was argued by Faitelson on his social networks:

“The best ‘shield’ in Mexican soccer would be to do things with intelligence, order and honesty …”

It should be remembered that the Mexican National Team has been entitled to different sanctions for the use of the homophobic cry, and in sports it has two consecutive defeats in the Concacaf octagonal heading to World Cup (against the United States and Canada).

Faitelson vs new shield Mexican team
(Photo: Twitter / @ Faitelson_ESPN)

The penalty fee The most recent was the veto of two games without fans when they play on the Azteca Stadium field.

Despite the strategies that the FMF and Liga MX to eradicate fan behavior around the use of homophobic chanting, it has failed and in recent dates FIFA of the Concacaf playoffs was heard again.

Faitelson did not leave aside the sporting point and combined it with the commercial way in which the Mexican National Team has been managed. He recognized De Luisa the commercial achievements of Tri but he pointed out that the hits on the court are the ones that should speak louder than the marketing part.

presentation of the new logo for the Mexican national team
Green and red lights illuminated the new image of El Tri on the Azteca Stadium field (Photo: Twitter / @ miseleccionmx)

The sports analyst pointed out that the only thing that will be reflected on the administration of Yon de Luisa will be on the court, in the victories that he makes Tri.

“Yon de Luisa has made a great effort to take the Mexican team to more developed levels of marketing and commercialization and he has done well, but his management will depend on the court results in Qatar 2022. That is what will make a difference in your administration ”, he published on his networks.

On the taste and impact it generated on soccer fans, Faitelson explained that the only thing the fans should be concerned about is the transparency and the results of the Selection in international competitions, mainly in the World Cup.

Mexican team vs Canada
Faitelson demanded results from Mexico on the field (Photo: Twitter / @ miseleccionmx)

“Since when does the shield of a soccer federation have to like us? We have to like their decisions, their transparency and above all, the style, the form and the results of a selection … “

The change in the image of the Aztec team is the seventh in its history. In 1930 the first official shield of the National Team was presented, since then every three World Cup cycles -an estimate of every 13 years- makes a renovation in its image.

Currently the element that represents the Tri it’s the eagle, since from 1958 it was incorporated into the shield to the present day. Previously the national team was only distinguished by the tricolor green white and red.


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