The million-dollar fine that Manchester United will apply to Cristiano Ronaldo after his explosive statements

Cristiano Ronaldo would leave Manchester United in January after explosive television statements in which he criticized the English club (Reuters/Jason Cairnduff) (JASON CAIRNDUFF/)

In the preview of the World Cup in Qatar, Cristiano Ronaldo launched explosive public statements against his club, Man Utdand that will bring him severe consequences after having harshly criticized the managers and technical director. “I feel betrayed”said the Portuguese star, among other spicy phrases, in a television interview with the journalist Piers Morgan for the program Talk TV.

The repercussion that the note had with the 37-year-old footballer, who is focused on the World Cup with the Portuguese team, had enormous repercussions and the authorities of the English club are already consulting with lawyers to sanction him financially. In fact, the British medium Daily Star assured that the fine would amount to million pounds sterling (about 1.5 million euros). This figure would represent about two weeks of salary for CR7.

For its part, United issued an official statement after the scandal generated by its star player and chose to calm the waters and take time to define the sanction. The club is aware of the interview that Cristiano Ronaldo gave in England and will consider his response once all the facts have been established. Red Devils in his web page.

The full interview will be out this Thursday, but the snippets that were revealed as a preview on Sunday, November 13 were forceful and caused a lot of anger in the Manchester community. “Our focus remains on preparing for the second half of the season and continue the momentum, the belief and the union that is being built between the players, the coach, the staff and the fans.”United’s text ended.

Cristiano Ronaldo focuses on work with the Portugal team ahead of the World Cup (REUTERS/Pedro Nunes)
Cristiano Ronaldo focuses on the work with the Portugal team ahead of the World Cup (REUTERS/Pedro Nunes) (PEDRO NUNES/)

the future of Bug in Manchester it seems to be sentenced with this episode and once the World Cup ends the terms of his departure will be seen. This year, the Madeiran-born striker had several reprehensible attitudes against his coach, Erik Ten Hag, and his teammates when leaving the substitute bench in the match against Tottenham on October 19. Ronaldo barely he started in four of the 14 games of the Premier League this season and scored only one goal.

The relationship with the Dutch coach has been broken for a long time and now he also broke ties with the leaders who repatriated him after his departure to Real Madrid in 2009. Information published in The Telegraph He realizes that the locker room is divided, that there are colleagues who no longer tolerate his bad behavior and that “no tears will be shed” if the Portuguese packs his bags and leaves.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s strong statements

“I don’t respect him because he shows no respect for me. If you don’t respect me, I’ll never respect you. They have turned me into the black sheep”he released, convinced. Cristiano accepted that the famous offer to land at City existed, and that he used Sir Alex Ferguson as a reference source. “I followed my heart. He told me: ‘It’s impossible for you to come to Manchester City’, and I said: ‘Okay, boss’”, the conversation detailed. The mark that he had left in his first stage at Man U (10 titles, including a Champions League) represented an obstacle to a hypothetical jump to the other side of the city. But his return to the club that catapulted him was not what he expected. “Progress was zero. Since Sir Alex left I have not seen any evolution in the club. Nothing had changed”accused.

His response to criticism from former teammate Wayne Rooney, who called him “an unwanted distraction”

“I don’t know why he criticizes me so much… Probably because he finished his career and I’m still playing at a high level. I’m not going to say that I look better than him. Which is true…”

Why United can’t keep up with Liverpool or City

“You have some things inside that don’t help us get to the highest level like City, Liverpool and even now Arsenal… In my opinion, a club of this size should be at the top of the tree and unfortunately it is not.” .

“As Picasso said, you have to destroy to rebuild (the artist’s famous phrase is ‘Every act of creation is first an act of destruction’) and if they start with me, for me, it’s not a problem”.

“I love Manchester United, I love the fans, they are always on my side. But if they want to do it differently… They have to change many, many things.”

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