The Ministry of Culture will twin neighborhoods of the city

A work plan that will make it possible to turn them into an academic benchmark and promote artistic-cultural talents.

As part of the policy in favor of culture and the arts, implemented by the Government of Change headed by Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, the Ministry of Culture (Secult) has planned a neighborhood twinning program, in such a way that San Sebastián becomes it will twin with the Montecillo, San Miguelito with the neighborhood of San Juan de Guadalupe and Tlaxcala with Santiago, in addition to promoting the creation of more cultural venues.

The head of Secult, Elizabeth Torres Méndez, announced that in order to bring culture closer to everyone, she started with various activities in the Casas de Barrio de San Sebastián, San Miguelito and Tlaxcala, where a cultural offer was disseminated diversified and quality with a focus on inclusion, equality and gender equity.

The official celebrated the successful organization of cultural festivities in the San Sebastián neighborhood this weekend, in which the participation of the musical group Tempus Cualli stood out, as well as the presentation of the dance group of the students of the Family in Motion Association for Down Education.

He mentioned that given the lack of commitment from previous administrations through the Directorate of Cultural Development, priority objectives are set according to the State Development Plan 2021-2027, since he recognized that the more access to culture is facilitated, the greater the possibilities. to grow as citizens and at the same time prevent violence and crime.