The miracle of “baby Holly”: 40 years later, a girl who survived the murder of her parents was found alive

Tina Gail Linn Clouse and Harold Dean Clouse with their baby Holly, in one of the last photographs of the family

Forty-two years is a long time to hold hopes in a little baby. But sometimes miracles happen.

US authorities confirmed Thursday that they had identified a woman as the daughter of a Florida couple who had been reported missing after the apparent homicide of her parents four decades ago, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Thursday.

Baby Holly or “Baby Holly”as the daughter of Tina Gail Linn Clouse and Harold Dean Clouse, was located, is doing well and is now 42 years oldspecified a statement from the Prosecutor’s Office.

Baby Holly and her parents were last seen by her family in 1980, before she left her home in Volusia County, Florida to Harold could work as a carpenter in the woods of Houston, Texas.

baby holly 1
Holly, 42, with a family photo

A short time later, the couple’s car was returned to their family, who were led to believe that they had joined a religious group and no longer wanted contact. However, Tina and Dean, who had married in June 1979, They had been victims of a homicide.

The newlywed couple had died approximately two months before their bodies were found on January 12, 1981when a dog led searchers to his remains. Dean was found with bruise marks, bound and gagged. Tina had been strangled. But then they could not be identified.

had to wait until October 2021, when the organization Identifinders International used genetic genealogy to confirm that Tina and Dean were the two people that were found in the woods of Houston.

baby holly 1
Tina Gail Linn Clouse with her baby, Holly

But the couple’s young daughter was not found with the Clouses’ remains and, along with the motives behind the brutal murder, it was still the missing piece of the story.

It was then that the families of the murdered couple They began the investigation to determine what had happened to the girl, of whom there was no information. Until now.

“Holly has been notified of the identities of her biological relatives and has been in contact with her extended biological family and looks forward to meeting them in person soon,” pointed out the Prosecutor’s Office.

John Bischoff of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) said he was excited because “Now Holly will have the opportunity to connect with her biological family who have been looking for her for so long.”

baby holly 1
Baby Holly before the family tragedy

Donna Casasanta, Holly’s grandmother, said that has prayed for more than 40 years for an answer “and the Lord has revealed part of it, we have found Holly”.

Shery LinnGreen, Holly’s mother’s sister said she believes “Tina is finally resting in peace knowing her Holly is going to be reunited with her family. It’s a relief to know that Holly is alive and has been well cared for.”

In the investigative process that led to Holly’s whereabouts, there was collaboration of various police departments in Texas, Florida and Arizona, as well as the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC).

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