The misfortune that Juan Soler is experiencing: they created more than 700 fake profiles with his photos to deceive women on the Internet

Juan Soler’s image has been involved in scams against hundreds of women in Spain, France and Italy.

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The race of Juan Soler is well known in Mexico, and even the actor has made use of his social networks to keep his fans informed of several important moments in his personal life; However, in Europe the situation is not the same, and his image has been used for criminal purposes on several occasions.

In this week’s print edition of TVyNovelas, our team carried out a special investigation that has brought to light less than positive data: For 13 years, Juan Soler’s image has been used illegally in more than 700 fake social media accounts. With the creation of “fake” profiles, the actor’s image has been involved in scams hundreds of women from Spain, France and Italy.

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According to the investigations, most of the fake profiles show Juan Soler as a millionaire widower who takes care of his daughters, and who due to various circumstances has a medical emergency after a skiing vacation.

The women of Europe, who are not aware of the career of the Mexican actor, They fall into a trap that has grown to unimaginable proportions.


According to the special investigation by TVyNovelas, the false story created by the criminals is quite forceful, and has caused “women in the range of 40 to 70 years old deposit their entire savings so that the handsome man who one day wrote to them out of the blue and who has established a friendship with them for months, can get out of the crisis in which he finds himself”, details this week’s print publication.

But be careful, that’s not all! In addition to operating with the false image of Juan Soler on social networks, the scammer(s) also They use emails and even create profiles on dating appswith the already known technique: they get the victims’ telephone numbers to have a more personal communication and thus get them to make deposits of thousands of euros.

Women who fall for this type of fraud are generally unaware of the actor’s acting career. Juan Soler in Mexico. Scammers usually They use old photos of the performer and his daughters to make the story more effective.


Through a video that Juan Soler published in a fan chat, the actor warned about the crimes that unscrupulous people commit using your image:

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“There are people on the Internet who pretend to be me by posting photos of me and my girls to deceive, and they use more or less the same modus operandi. Please, all my accounts are official, they are all verified. I leave you a huge kiss. Don’t let anyone fool you.”


Maybe you won’t be fooled by a photo of Juan Soler, but you will be fooled by the image of another person anywhere in the world, which is why at TVyNovelas We give you these tips to detect “fake” profiles and how to act in these cases:

  • First thing’s first: Do not provide personal or banking information under no circumstance.
  • Fake profiles generally only have a few images taken from other sites.
  • The page of the alleged person He only has one profile photo.
  • The person has very few postsupdates and interactions.
  • You don’t have a friends list, or you have it hidden.
  • Scammers will try to start conversations out of nowhere and after gaining the victim’s trust they will ask some deposit to solve an “emergency”.