The moment a detached tire causes a dramatic accident on a highway

a shocking car accident in the United States dramatically showed the dangers of a detached vehicle tire at high speed.

The accident, which occurred on the Ronald Reagan Highway in Twin LakesCalifornia (just north of Los Angeles), was caught on Twitter user Anoop’s Tesla camera.

The footage shows a Kia Soul about to overtake a chevrolet silverado driving in the right lane, when the Silverado’s left front tire detaches before slamming under the Kia.

Immediately after, what looks like a scene from an action movie ensues: the Soul is thrown into the air, doing a complete spin before crashing back into the road. Upon impact, pieces of its disintegrating bodywork and chassis are strewn across the highway.

To top it off, the dislodged wheel slams into the rear of the Soul again before losing momentum and rolling to a stop without causing any further destruction.

Without injuries

Miraculously, the driver of the Soul no injuries after the crash, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

According to local media, authorities have launched an investigation into the accident. An analysis of the video shows that the Chevrolet The white was equipped with chunky off-road tires that protruded from the wheel arches, suggesting that it may have been equipped with non-factory wheel spacers that did not hold the wheel in place when the Soul overtook it.

five star security

The video also showed the rigors of modern vehicle safety and why manufacturers spend millions to make cars as safe as possible.

In fact, the Kia Soulwhich in the accident appeared to be a first generation model, received a rating of five stars in crash tests Euro NCAP made in 2009 and a “good” rating from the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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