The moment Hamas terrorists threw a grenade into a bomb shelter where Israelis were hiding

A new and shocking video was released about the attacks of the terrorist group in the last hours Hamas in Israel. In this case, it is an episode that took place on the first day of the offensives, Saturday, around 8:00 a.m.

Images recorded by the camera installed in a vehicle parked on public roads show how a group of seven terrorists identified a air-raid shelter in which civilians – including women and children – took shelter and launched a grenade inside, causing death.

At the same time, a man who managed to escape from the shelter before they threw the explosive, was overpowered by the attackers on the sidewalk, was struck and shot dead.

A civilian who managed to flee was beaten and shot dead on the sidewalk

As this sequence occurs, you hear more missile impacts in the area and there is even another exchange of shots between the attackers.

This episode is one of the many crimes that Hamas terrorists have been carrying out in Israel since their emergence last weekend, for which they have already claimed the lives of at least 1,000 people and has left more than 2,400 injured.

Some have also been counted 150 hostages since their land incursion – among them children, the elderly and young people – who are at risk of their lives since, as they warned, they would begin to be killed every time Israel attacks a civilian target in Gaza without prior warning.

Their actions are in line with their position held for years in which they proclaimed the extermination of the Jewsas seen in videos released by the Israel Defense Forces.

“O Allah, annihilate the Jews. Paralyze them, destroy their entity. Oh Allah, let us reach the necks of the Jews.”he said in one of those tapes Hamad al-Regeb, the group’s official sheik, while former Gaza Interior Minister Fathi Hamad followed up by telling him that “The day of their slaughter, extermination and annihilation is approaching.”

For years, Hamas terrorists preached the extermination of the Jews, as reflected in their recent crimes (Europa Press)
For years, Hamas terrorists preached the extermination of the Jews, as reflected in their recent crimes (Europa Press) (Europa Press/Contact/Yousef Mas/)

“Until there is no Jew or Zionist on the face of the Earth. Our doctrine in fighting against you (Jews) is that “We are going to completely exterminate you, we are not going to leave a single one of you alive.”he added.

These are some of the sayings collected from this evidence, which are reflected in the brutal offensives of recent days.

Even recently, a journalist from the network i24NEWS warned the world of a cruel slaughter of babies at the kibbutz Kfar Azain the south of the country, near the border with Gaza.

“The Israeli military says they still don’t have a clear number (of victims) but I’m talking to some of the soldiers and they say they have witnessed, as they walked through these different houses, these different communities… Babies, their heads cut off. That’s what they said, families completely shot in their beds,” said journalist Nicole Zedeck.

The IDF, for its part, added that many were put “in cages like animals” and kidnapped.

“Hamas is an organization like the Islamic State”they noted in reference to the atrocious crimes committed by both groups.