The moment of the terrorist attack in Jerusalem that left at least three dead and six injured

In images recorded by a security camera, two attackers can be seen getting out of a car and shooting at a group of civilians waiting at a bus stop in Jerusalem. “Two terrorists who arrived at the scene armed in a vehicle, shot at civilians at the bus stop and were neutralized by security forces and a civilian who was nearby,” reported a police spokesperson. Two off-duty soldiers and an armed civilian then responded with fire and neutralized the terrorists.

A report was received at 7:38 local time of a terrorist shooting attack on Weizmann Boulevard in Jerusalem”, the MDA had initially reported. The attack left at least three dead, including two women aged 24 and 60, and a 73-year-old man at one of the entrances to Jerusalem. In addition, six other people were injured, three of them still in critical condition, the Police confirmed.

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Police confirmed that the attack took place on one of the access roads to Jerusalem, near the train and bus station.

This attack occurs shortly after a truce that suspended fighting in the area was extended for the seventh day. Gaza Strip between Hamas and Israelmoments before he expired.

Two weeks ago, a Israeli soldier died after being shot in a attack on a checkpoint on the east side of Jerusalem, at the entrance to a tunnel that connects West Bank with the city. Five other Israeli security officers were injured, and the three attackers were shot dead by Israeli police. That attack was claimed by the armed wing of Hamas, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades.

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Israel and the Hamas terrorist group confirmed this Thursday that the truce in the Gaza Strip will be extended until this Friday, which will allow more hostages and release more Palestinian prisonersafter six days of ceasefire that expired this Thursday at 7 local time.

In light of the efforts of the mediators to continue the process of releasing the hostages and subject to the terms of the agreement, the ceasefire will continue“, indicated the Army of the Jewish State in a brief statement.

Capture of the moment of the attack in Jerusalem

For their part, the Palestinian terrorists limited themselves to confirming in a brief note on their Telegram channel that “It has been agreed to extend the truce to a seventh day”.

He Qatar Foreign Ministry announced that “the Palestinian and Israeli sides had reached an agreement to extend the humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip for one more day under the same previous conditions, which are a ceasefire and the entry of humanitarian aid.

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The Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Majed al Ansari, told the news agency QNA the “continuous intensification of efforts with the objective of achieving a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.”

Under the terms of the agreement, the Armed group must free at least 10 hostages for each additional day of pause in fighting; while Israel must release 30 Palestinian prisoners for every dozen kidnapped.