The moment Ukraine attacked a Russian electrical substation: “We want them to experience what a blackout is”

The Armed Forces of Ukraine They scored another victory in the last hours. During the night of Thursday, a drone reached a russian electrical substation and caused a blackout in the city.

The kyiv Security Service (SUB) reported that, in the last few hours, a dozen drones had been launched over the region of Kursk. Of them, 11 were shot down by the Russian Armed Forces but one managed to reach the city of Belaya -about 25 kilometers from the border- and caused destruction there.

“A Ukrainian drone launched two explosive devices against a substation,” declared the governor of the region, Roman Starovoyt, early on Friday, and specified that “five thousand people were left without electricity, (…), one of the transformers caught fire and five towns and a hospital “They were left without electricity supply.”

Images released by the SBU itself, which claimed responsibility for the attack, show the exact moment in which the unmanned vehicles fly over the establishment and launch the explosives. Seconds later, the fire spots are seen coming out of the substation.

The drone dropped two explosives on the substation

According to Starovoyt, firefighters quickly approached the scene to try to extinguish the flames, although videos published on social networks show that, around 10:00 in the morning, dense black smoke was still coming out of the building, and the The city was still without connection to the electrical grid.

Only seven hours later, the Governor reported that the work had been completed and the supply had been restored.

The substation hit during the early hours was a key site for the Russian Armed Forces since It supplied power to nearby military installations.

In recent days, Volodimir Zelensky’s troops have intensified their attacks on these critical bastions of the enemies, with the aim of weakening them and being able to continue advancing in the reconquest of their territory.

“If they continue to attack Ukrainian energy facilities, They will receive many more attacks of this type in their own land“, indicated a member of the Ukrainian SUB to the media Ukrinform.

“The Russians should realize that if they are going to continue attacking Ukrainian power facilities, they will see a harsh response. Our resources allow us to do it,” he added in reference to the new weapons that the West sent recently, which included, this week, the arrival of Abrams tanks sent by USA.

Ukraine assured that its troops, equipped with weapons from the West, have the capacity to respond firmly to Russian attacks (Europa Press)
Ukraine assured that its troops, equipped with weapons from the West, have the capacity to respond firmly to Russian attacks (Europa Press) (Europa Press/Contact/US Army/)

“We want Russians to experience for themselves what a blackout is, what the blackout schedules are like and having to go out and look for generators”he continued.

This attack followed other important offensives in recent days by kyiv against Russia that show that General Mykola Oleschuk, commander of the Air Force, was not lying when he assured that “there would be more.”

Just a week ago, Ukraine attacked the Russian naval headquarters in the Black Sea and, at the same time, continued to repel Russian offensives.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue their offensive operation in the axis of Melitopolas well as its offensive and assault operations in the axis of Bakhmutinfringing losses in personnel and equipment to the occupation forces, exhausting the enemy throughout the entire front,” the General Staff celebrated in a note.

Also, the day before, anti-aircraft defenses managed to shoot down 34 enemy drones that had been launched from the occupied Crimean peninsula.