The moments that have moved us at the Telethon: from Lucero to Marco Antonio Regil

Throughout 24 years, the stories of the Telethon have moved and delighted all those who see it on television and make donations to fulfill the dream of rehabilitation of, up to last year, 110 thousand children and adolescents.

But those who participate in the event as conductors or artists have also been moved, even to the point of tears. Bright Star, For example, in the early years of Telethon, I could not help crying in front of the cameras when I heard some of the stories of the children who came to the Rehabilitation Centers. “I’m not sorry, I’m finally a human being,” she said, explaining the emotion that overwhelmed her.

But his most emotional moment was when he went to the house of Christian, one of the children benefited by Telethon. “Coming and being close to Christian makes me very excited because it is very important to really share a time with him to get to know him,” he said.

A similar experience had Marco Antonio Regil when he visited Henry, a boy who was in full rehabilitation at CRIT Hidalgo. That day, Regil played carts with Henry and at the end, with a lump in his throat, he said: I wish you to recover from the operation and that everything that is hurting you will stop hurting ”.

For Adal Ramones Teletón’s greatest lesson came from Daniela, a teenager who showed that her will is greater than any obstacle, since after an accident, she was unable to speak or walk. At Telethon, Dani not only recovered but managed to go back to gymnastics, a sport in which she competed before the accident. “You inspire true life lessons in LOVE to others!” Wrote Adal Ramones on his Twitter.

This year the Telethon will be held on December 4, without an established fundraising goal. “Telethon is every day. Because the rehabilitation of a child with a disability or autism is every day.”