The most fearsome hitman of the Cosa Nostra, author of the kidnapping of a child who was dissolved in acid, was released

Gaspare Spatuzza (AP/File)

Gaspare Spatuzzathe material author of the attacks on Cosa Nostra of 1992 and 1993, murderer of a child whom he dissolved in acid and who, after being sentenced to several life sentences, collaborated with justice by revealing secrets of the Sicilian mafia, He was released today after 26 years in prison..

Spatuzza, 58 years old, you can enjoy total freedomwithout the limitations of the house arrest to which he has been subjected since 2014 for the benefits of his judicial collaboration, although he must comply with some rules, such as not having relationships with people with a criminal record and not leaving his place of residence without authorization, as revealed in exclusive the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Thus concludes his sentences to life imprisonment by the bombs that exploded in Rome, Florence and Milan in the summer of 1993, causing ten deaths and more than fifty injuries.

Also for the murder of the father Pino Puglisidied on September 15, 1993 and sentenced to 12 years for the kidnapping of a 12-year-old boy, son of the repentant santino di matteowho was held for more than two years and was later murdered and dissolved in acid by his jailers, in one of the cruelest pages of Cosa Nostra.

Known as “’u tignusu” (the bald one) he inherited the leadership of the Brancaccio clan of Palermo on the recommendation of the leaders of Cosa Nostra, including the then “boss of bosses”, Matteo Messina Denarorecently arrested after 30 years on the run.

Matteo Messina Denaro (Carabinieri/Handout via REUTERS)
Matteo Messina Denaro (Carabinieri/Handout via REUTERS) (CARABINIERI/)

Arrested in July 1997, Spatuzza spent eleven years in isolation, until in 2008 when he decided to speak to the magistrates and confessed to having been one of the perpetrators of the attacks for which he had already been convicted, but also to having participated in those that ended the life with anti-mafia judges Giovani Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, his wife and five bodyguards in 1992.

As a collaborator of the Justice, he also pointed to Messina Denaro as the organizer of the attacks against the judges.

Some of his statements in the more than 15 trials in which he has testified were highly controversial, such as when he accused that Silvio Berlusconi and his right arm Marcello Dell’Utri had agreements with the Graviano brothersheads of one of the most powerful families of the Sicilian mafia, at the time of the birth of Forza Italia.

According to his defender, Spatuzza, who will turn 59 in a month, in addition to his “repentance” has experienced a religious conversion that has led him to carry out “acts of reparation and social solidarity, such as the forgiveness requested from the victims, the work volunteer, and the invitation to collaborate addressed to all gangsters”.

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