The most important value when hiring an employee, according to Warren Buffet

File photo of Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc (REUTERS / Rick Wilking / File Photo) (Rick Wilking /)

Besides being a legend of the stock market world, where he was baptized as the “Oracle of Omaha”, the billionaire Warren buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, has also become a great advisor to the activity that made him one of the richest men in the world.

That is why in his column from Inc., the leadership coach and writer Marcel Schwantes, He often vindicates some of the advice and recommendations the 91-year-old man offers to those who are entrepreneurs, businessmen and business people. In this opportunity, Buffett referred to a personality trait that distinguishes a good leader and Schwantes rescued him, considering that it is usually overlooked when it comes to hiring.

“We look for three things when we hire people. Intelligence, initiative or energy and integrity. And if they don’t have the latter, the first two will kill you, because if you’re going to get someone without integrity, you’ll want them lazy and foolish ”, Schwantes explains about Buffett’s words.

According to him, integrity is a value that does not usually have the centrality that it should in job interviews, despite the fact that its lack can prove costly later, when making crucial business decisions.

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Warren Buffett recommends looking for integrity when hiring employees in a job interview

“A leader of integrity has a penchant for truth. In essence, it is someone who they will act from honesty, accept change, reject bad actions and obtain real results “, details.

In addition, a upright leader You will practice what you preach, you will keep your commitments and promises, you will lead to mistakes and failures, and you will face difficult people and situations with total emotional honesty and transparency.

The three benefits of integrity:

Build trust: When leaders exercise integrity and lead by example, people can be trusted. This makes it very attractive to those looking for companies and brands that align with their own values.

Berkshire Hathaway CEO and Founder Warren Buffett (REUTERS / Scott Morgan / File Photo)
Berkshire Hathaway CEO and Founder Warren Buffett (REUTERS / Scott Morgan / File Photo) (SCOTT MORGAN /)

Saves time and money: Leaders with integrity will work hard to remove the obstacles of mistrust, accelerating your company’s ability to respond and adapt to change. Simply put, integrity lowers costs and is good for a company’s bottom line.

Outperforms the competition: integrity offers other economic benefits. For example, Ethisphere World’s Most Ethical Companies in 2021 (companies recognized for their “unwavering commitment to business integrity”) they outperformed a similar index of large caps by 7.1 percentage points over a five-year span.

Although leadership integrity is extremely rewardingSchwantes explains, it is often difficult to achieve. On a large scale, it means ensuring that interactions with key stakeholders are aligned with your stated goals and purposes. And obviously make sure that organizationally behaves with integrity, even when no one is watching.

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