The most outstanding footballers who have played with Chivas and América

There are several players who have worn both shirts. (Photo: [email protected]/@hugooosalazar)

The rivalry between America and Chivas has never known middle ground. Hate is an intrinsic part of these two clubs. However, this circumstance has not prevented multiplayer have paraded through the dressing rooms of both clubs. Here, a review of some of the most notorious cases.

oswaldo sanchez

Emerged from the quarry of AtlasOswaldo went to America in the winter 96. Although he failed to establish himself as a benchmark for The Eagleshis performances made him one of the best goalkeepers in the country: he was summoned by Manuel Lapuente to integrate the Mexican payroll that traveled to France 98. On several occasions, Sánchez has recognized that this stage helped him forge the character that later catapulted him to the top of national soccer.

saint oswald He went to Chivas in 1999. At the Guadalajara club he established himself as the most outstanding Mexican goalkeeper of the time: an immovable holder of the National Team during the process of Ricardo La Volpe; best goalkeeper of the Confederations Cup 2005above Oliver Kahn and Dida; and champion of Opening 2006 with the Herd.

Oswaldo Sánchez experienced a breaking point with his arrival at Chivas. (Photo: Twitter/@nacion_) (Twitter/)

Carlos Hermosillo

The Big One of Cerro Azulas he nicknamed him Enrique Bermudezrepresents a very special case in Mexican soccer: he was champion with América, an idol and champion with Blue Crossand ended his career with Chivas. Few players can boast of such a status. Hermosillo began his walk on the courts with The Eagles in the 1983-1984 season.

His impact was immediate, he turned Olympic with America in the year of his debut and on four more occasions. In addition, he was the creator of a memorable pitched battle in it Classic of Classics in 1986. Towards the end of his career, Hermosillo landed in Guadalajara to play with him chiverío. His goal was to reach cabin as the top scorer in the history of Mexican soccer. The man from Veracruz scored seven times in the year that he spent dressed in rojiblanco. He could not break the historical record (he was 18 goals behind the 312 of the Cape) and hung up his boots after a year in Green Valley.

Hermosillo was champion of the Liga MX five times with América. He arrived at Chivas to close his career in 2001. (Photo: Twitter / @ ESPNDatos) (Twitter /)

Luis Garcia

The then nicknamed Gunner Boy decided to end his European adventure to reach the coapa nest in 1995. From the Real society, García exploited his last years of soccer prosperity in America. He failed to win, but his effectiveness in front of goal remained intact: he scored 40 goals in 78 games.

Luis García Postigo (Photo: Facebook@Luis García Postigo)
The Doctor arrived at Chivas for Winter 98 (Photo: Facebook/@Luis García Postigo)

After a brief pass through atlanteanwhere he came out scoring champion, the Doctor arrived at Chivas for the winter 98. With the Herd His effectiveness dropped, perhaps as a symptom of the decline of his career, but he remained in acceptable terms for Mexican soccer: 20 goals in 56 games. His passage through the eleventh Guadalajara was marked by the final lost against Necaxa in it winter 98in which he refused to take a penalty that he finally missed Alberto Coyote.

Ricardo Pelaez

Peláez knows in depth the sports structures of the two most important clubs in the country. He wore the two coats and also went sports president in both clubs. With The Eagles was champion of Prode 85. Meanwhile in Guadalajara He had a more discreet step. Richard lived in Necaxa his best moments as a player, but he had the pleasure of adding the names of América and Chivas to his sports biography.

Ricardo Peláez, Carlos Hermosillo and Luis García (Photo: Twitter@History_America)
Ricardo Peláez, Carlos Hermosillo and Luis García had the pleasure of wearing both shirts. (Photo: Twitter/@History_America)

As a manager, Peláez was in charge of restoring the shine to the cream-blue windows after a black period in Coapa: he won two leagues and two Concachampions. In Chivas he has not enjoyed the same fortune: since his arrival in 2019, The Guadalajara club has struggled to find regularity.

Ramon Ramirez

Without a doubt, it was the case that caused the most stir. Ramon Ramirez was, in 1999, an undisputed figure of Chivas and the Mexican team. America wanted it at all costs and found it. Salvador Martinez Garza, president of the Herd, decided to sell it to Coapa due to the financial problems that the rojiblanco club was going through. Nothing was the same. Ramón never felt comfortable with the yellow shirt and left the club after only one season.

His life and career took a 180 degree turn. he went on to tigers, where he recovered a certain football level; however, he was the protagonist of a car accident in which three people died. He returned to Chivas for a second stage in which nothing was the same.

The arrival of Ramón Ramírez to América shook all of Mexican soccer. (Photo: Twitter/@galonsoram88) (Twitter/)


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