The most viral memes of the crisis between Piqué and Shakira

In recent days, the Colombian singer, Shakira, has been a “trending topic” on social networks due to the alleged separation from the father of her children, the Spanish soccer player, Gerard Piqué.

Added to this entertainment news is the encounter that the artist had on a red carpet with the actor, Henry Cavill, and the approaches on social networks with the actor, Chris Evans. This has caused all the aforementioned celebrities to be the most popular on the internet at the moment, especially Shakira, who is at the center of the controversy.

Finally, with everything that has happened, as expected, people created memes and spread them on social networks, adding more virality to the event, these are the funniest and most popular memes on the internet.

Henry Cavill memes on social media
One of the memes that has rotated the most on Twitter

The memes that social network users have shared of Henry Cavill in relation to Shakira, are due to the fact that in the past days in the middle of the red carpet of the premiere of the movie “reality Dancing with myself”, when the actor in question was performed an interview for an entertainment medium, he lost his attention when he noticed that Shakira was also on the site, and turned to see her again.

The Simpsons are often a source of inspiration for memes.
Simpsons meme, referring to Shakira AND Henry Cavill.
Shakira and Cavill
Meme Henry Cavill as Shakira’s suitor

Shakira also made headlines along with Hollywood actor Chris Evans, who has played Captain America. Since, when the alleged end of the relationship between the singer and the Barcelona player was known, the actor began to follow the Latin artist on Instagram, to which she returned the “follow”

shakira memes
Memes alluding to the alleged suitors of the singer

And as with the Henry Cavill memes, users used this brief interaction on networks to generate memes and stories around the famous pair.

Shakira was related to Superman and memes exploded

In a Spanish medium it is read that “The artist does not want to continue living in Barcelona. Here she has no friends or family (except Piqué’s) and the Treasury has been chasing her for years, so she intends to move and settle in another country. With her children, of course. And here the problems begin: Piqué refuses to separate from her children and alludes to the fact that the children were born in Barcelona, ​​they grew up here and here they have their school and their friends”.

Chris Evans and Henry Cavill meme
Shakira and her memes
Meme about the supposed reaction of the fans of the Colombian artist.

In addition to the controversy, the Colombian-born singer has also released a song a few days ago that, according to Internet users, is dedicated to the father of her children.

Shakira memem with Saoko song
Netizens took part of the song “Saoko” to create a meme.
Shakira Anthology
Anthology is one of Shakira’s biggest hits at the beginning of her career


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