The mother of Paola Suárez’s boyfriend confirmed her son’s version: ‘She was choking him’

Paola Suárez has already been discharged after being hospitalized for a few days.


The mother of José de Jesús, the alleged aggressor of “La Perdida” Paola Suárez, broke the silence and confirmed the version of events told by her son, where the influencer attacked him.

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The mother of Paola Suárez’s boyfriend confirmed her son’s version: ‘She was choking him’

Paola Suarez


Paola Suárez left the hospital after her boyfriend’s attack. What is her state of health?

The mother’s statements Joseph of Jesuswho a few hours ago provided his own version of the events, ended up confirming what several people had stated moments before: The relationship between Paola Suárez and her boyfriend was far from calm.

Adriana Gómez, the mother of José de Jesús, quickly became a trend after she revealed that The couple constantly attacked each other, in addition to calling Paola Suárez “violent” and “toxic”which generated all kinds of comments on networks.


According to Mrs. Adriana Gómez, the couple “always went wrong” when drinkingso the aggressive episodes were already a constant among them:

“She told him to come here and drink at her house and she would drink somewhere else because they always went wrong”

“That they were already lying in their bedroom and they started to go wrong and that She was choking him, she says ‘I wasn’t breathing anymore, I already felt like I was dying’he says, ‘I was out of breath,’ because I was already choking him, he says, ‘What I did was hit him with my hand and he fell‘”, said the mother of José de Jesús.

“Next to his bed is a lamp that was where he hit himself, ‘but I never hit him with any of that stuff that they say, what a hammer, what a knife, we were in his bedroom, where did I get that from?“What I did was get out and she jumped off the balcony, in fact when I was going outside, her guard was already going inside, he saw when she jumped because I was already going outside,” said Adriana, who confirmed This is the version provided by his son to the media previously.

Mrs. Adriana Gómez concluded her statements by assuring that she always respected the decision that her son made to get involved. with Paola:

“I respected her decision for my son from the beginning, I looked at him and he was fine, so I wanted to respect that part of him being with her,” she concluded.