The moving gesture of solidarity of a Uruguayan rabbi in the New York subway

The Uruguayan Rabbi Gabriel Benayon gave a message from solidarity that surprised everyone on the New York subway: took off her shoes and gave them to a person who was barefoot.

Benayon was returning from shopping in New York. When noticing the presence in the subway of a person without shoes, without hesitation he decided to take off the ones he had on and give them to him. “Thanks!”The lucky man told him excitedly, that he couldn’t get out of his astonishment.

The priest explains that he took advantage of the shopping day to buy new shoes. In the video released by the orthodox medium COLlive, ponders why he is able to buy new shoes while someone else is walking barefoot down the street.

“You always have to be awake. You always have to try to think what can be done for others, because if you see them in difficulty, it is to do something about it “says the rabbi.

Rabbi Gabriel Benayon

Gabriel Benayon is Uruguayan and has lived in Panama for 20 years. It is mainly dedicated to the education of youth and adults. He is the author of the book “From my anxiety to your happiness”, in which he describes the ordeal I experience due to anxiety disorders.

“Precisely because I did not know what was happening to me, I suffered a lot, my experience was much more tortuous. I thought I was literally going crazy. I felt that my life had succumbed, that I was living a curse “, he counted in February of this year.

Benayon, in his book, defines anxiety as a “Terrible pain in the soul that seems infinitely more unbearable than any physical pain”. “Hell on Earth itself”, He says.


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