The moving revelation of Maribel Guardia: in an appearance, her son Julián Figueroa told her when she will die

Maribel Guardia had a revealing encounter with Julián Figueroa

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Maribel Guardia He assured a few weeks ago that he would walk away from the stage after the death of his son, the singer Julian Figueroawho passed away on Sunday, April 9 after suffering a myocardial infarction and ventricular fibrillation at the age of 27.

After this announcement, the actress of the play ‘Lagunilla mi barrio’ was a guest on the ‘Hoy’ program, where she revealed that her son appeared to her in a special way and gave her a message about the day you will die.

“I had a beautiful experience with my son, because I saw him, he was light, smiling and we talked telepathically and even told me about my deathI am not going to tell you that, because it is something that I have not told anyone, but obviously she entrusted me with her child, who is something very precious to me, ”said Maribel Guardia, who did not want to go into details about what she was told. Julián said around the day he died.

Similarly, Maribel Guardia, who has participated in different programs and soap operas from Canal de las estrellasassured that when the day of his death arrives, he will be very happy to be reunited with all his loved ones who have left, especially with his only son.

“When Julián died, I couldn’t even walk, my legs were shaking and one day when I was praying the rosary, he came to me, I saw him full of light and he told me many things without speaking, He told me when I’m going to die… He is in my heart and he will be there until the day I die, that day is going to be a party because a lot of people I love are going to wait for me there,” said the beloved actress.

Maribel Guardia makes up the pain of the death of her son

Maribel Guardia He confessed that it has not yet been easy to overcome the death of his son, Julian Figueroafruit of the relationship he had with Joan Sebastianbut he assured that he has to fight to move on with his life, since his firstborn would have wanted it that way.

“Well yes, you have to make up the painyou have to get up, because you can stay lying wallowing in pain, but you have to stop, bathe, go out and continue in life because I know that is what my Julián would have wanted, “said the actress.

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