The NBA announced the sanction against Facundo Campazzo for assaulting a rival

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The summary of the fall of the Nuggets against the Lakers and the action of the controversy with the Argentine

Just in the game in which he had recovered minutes and good feelings, Facundo Campazzo He ended up becoming the protagonist due to a negative fact. In the fall of Denver Nuggets by 146 to 141 before Los Angeles Lakersaccumulated 8 minutes on the court and added 3 points, 4 assists and two rebounds, when he gave a strong push from behind to Wayne Ellingtonaggression that earned him expulsion for flagrant foul.

The tension continued off the pitch. “When I see you I will lay my hands on you”, The experienced forward wrote on his Twitter account, anticipating the search for revenge with the 31-year-old Argentine point guard.

I thought it was a cheap and dirty move… Thank God I can be sitting here today talking to you, because it could have been so much worse. That’s at the top of the list of plays not to do on a basketball court.Ellington later declared.

The duel corresponding to the regular season had nothing at stake, since those from Colorado had already purchased their ticket to the Playoffs and those from California had reached the last match without the possibility of accessing the next instance of the most important basketball competition. But for Facundo it represented the opportunity to continue showing what he can contribute to a team that, by decision of coach Mike Malone, today has him relegated to the rotation.

Well, through a statement, The NBA announced the sanction applied to the point guard of the Argentine team and multi-champion with Real Madrid. “Denver Nuggets point guard Facundo Campazzo has been suspended for one game for pushing Wayne Ellington from behind and sending him to the ground”, reads the writing. For the Lakers player, the threat was not free. He received a $20,000 fine “for escalating the incident with a comment on social media after the match.”

The NBA statement

The communication was in charge of Byron Spruell, president of operations of the most competitive basketball league in the world. Consequently, the Cordovan cannot be taken into account this Saturday, when the playoff series between the Nuggets and Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors begins at the Chase Center.


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