The new function of Google Photos that will allow you to have a folder with confidential content

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The photo service of Google has been implementing a function for some time that allows its users to maintain a confidential folder that can only be accessed through a password or security measure that the user chooses., these photos will remain excluded from the main photos menu; however this feature is currently only available for Pixel phones, but according to a Google announcement, the feature is already starting to appear on other Android devices.

The tech giant had announced in September that its locked photo folder feature was going to start expanding to other devices; However, there was no evidence of this yet, until the technological medium ‘Android Central’ detected that this function began to appear just a few days ago in some Samsung and OnePlus devices, in addition to older Pixel devices that until now had not been able to enjoy this function.

This new tool allows users to choose the photos and videos that they want to hide from the eyes of others and put them in a folder that can only be accessed with the use of a security key or with a biometric (fingerprint) lock. This function saw the light in Google devices (Pixel 3 and above) in June of this year, now, the company has fulfilled what was announced and now more device users will be able to access this tool.

The function as such should begin to be available on devices that have an operating system Android 6 or higher.

To activate this tool, it is enough for people to open the Google Photos application on their devices, go to the library section, then click on the ‘Utilities’ button and that is where they will find the ‘Locked Folder’ button, from here, users will be able to select the files they want to put in this folderThey will only have to select them and click on the ‘More’ option (the three dots) and click on ‘Move to Locked Folder’.

It should be noted that this function is not yet available for iOS, as it will reach the Google application of Apple devices in early 2022.

It is also important to note that the photos and videos that are inside this new security folder will no longer be backed up in the cloud, therefore they will be deleted if you uninstall the application or format your device without having transferred them, another important addition is that you You can add or remove photos from this ‘Locked Folder’ as many times as you need.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this function differs from the ‘Archived’ photos and videos folder, because although this function allows you to hide the photos from the ‘normal’ feed of the application, they will continue to appear in searches. Another important factor is that the photos that you place inside this folder will no longer be available in third-party applications and will no longer be available to be shared by these means.


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