The new government of Benjamin Netanyahu was approved by the Parliament of Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu (Reuters) (AMIR COHEN /)

The Knesset (Israeli Parliament) ratified on Thursday the new government headed by the leader of the right-wing Likud party, Benjamin Netanyahuwith his ultra-Orthodox and far-right associates.

The The most right-wing executive in the history of Israel It was thus established with the favorable vote of a majority of 63 deputies, from the six parties that make up the coalition.

Netanyahu, the longest-serving president in the history of the Jewish statebegins like this sixth term, after spending the last year and a half as leader of the opposition and while facing a corruption trial accused of fraud, bribery and breach of trust.

“I swear as prime minister to maintain allegiance to the State of Israel and its laws, to faithfully fulfill my duties as prime minister and to respect the decisions of the Knesset,” said Netanyahu, who was sworn in followed by his other cabinet ministers.

Today’s session in Parliament lasted for several hours, during which Hundreds of demonstrators protested against the new government and its policies.

Protest this Thursday against the new government of Netanyahu (Reuters)
Protest this Thursday against the new government of Netanyahu (Reuters) (AMMAR AWAD /)

Of the total members of the Executive, half belong to Netanyahu’s Likud, 11 to the ultra-orthodox Sephardic Shas party, 7 to the ultra-orthodox Ashkenazi United Torah Judaism, 7 to the far-right Religious Zionism, 6 to the far-right Jewish Power and 1 to the homophobic Noam.

Prior to the vote, the appointment of amir ohana as president of Parliament, making him the first openly gay politician to hold office.

Ohana is an important member of the Likud and has held the position of Minister of Justice and Public Security in previous governments.

In the parliamentary session prior to the vote, Netanyahu also announced the ministers of the new government, including some very controversial figures, with a total of 30 ministers, only five will be women, four less than in the previous government.

Among the most controversial figures in the new Cabinet are Itamar Ben Gvir as Minister of National Security; his partner Bezalel Smotrich as deputy minister in the Defense Ministry, in charge of policies in the occupied West Bank, as well as finance minister; and Orit Struck as Minister of Home Missions.

Several of the most important portfolios will be held by members of Netanyahu’s party and loyalists; such as Eli Cohen in Foreign Affairs, Yoav Galant in Defense, Israel Katz in Energy and Yariv Levin in Justice.

In addition, the ultra-Orthodox Aryeh Deri was appointed as Minister of the Interior and Health, after the approval this week of a law that authorizes his appointment, despite having been disqualified at the beginning of the year after being convicted of tax fraud.

This and other laws and initiatives of the new government framed in an important judicial reform have sounded alarm bells in Israel, with multiple politicians, analysts, judges and even diplomats warning of a rapid and dangerous erosion of the democratic system.

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