The new Listen podcast service comes to Galaxy devices, these are the services

Listen comes to Galaxy devices. (photo: The Spanish)

Samsung introduced Listen, its own podcast to listen to the main programs of stations around the world from the Samsung Free application; Furthermore, you can access other free content such as books or even games. It is a service that was already available in the United States and has now reached Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain, among other countries.

Samsung Listen has arrived with the collaboration of partners such as Acast and it will be integrated into the Samsung Free application, which you can access from the secondary stream of the mobile launcher. The company’s move has replaced Google Discover with its service.

Acast logo.  (photo: MediaRadar)
Acast logo. (photo: MediaRadar)

“The expansion of Samsung Free allows us to offer even more quality entertainment to our customers,” says Director of Business Development Richard Jakeman. “Without the need to download more apps, and with a simple swipe to access their favorite podcasts, Samsung Galaxy users can personalize their listening with alerts for their favorite shows and subscription feeds, giving them great flexibility. to listen to a wide variety of content on the go or in the comfort of your own home ”, added.

Samsung has opened a platform to give creators more options in terms of managing their podcasts, which could be an incentive to stay and actively participate in the new podcast service of Korean companies.

Besides that, the app offers the option to download the episodes you want to play offline, as well as subscribe to your favorite creators so that you are notified of every new episode they post.

Acast.  (photo: TechCrunch)
Acast. (photo: TechCrunch)

Acast’s Director of Business and Strategy, Leandro Saucedo, explains the following: “The launch of Samsung Free provides a one-stop-shop solution for listeners around the world to find their favorite podcasts, and also increases the exposure of our content creators to millions of potential new fans. That a big brand like Samsung shows such strong support for podcasting (all within the open ecosystem) is hugely positive news for the entire industry. ”

Samsung Free combines television streaming services with TV Plus, games, news and podcasts on the new Listen service in one place and free and pre-installed, which users can access with a simple swipe on the screen from their smartphone.

To access Samsung Free, devices must have the update for Android 12. For Samsung Galaxy devices released after 2021, the app is pre-installed, while other users, including those on Bixby Home and Samsung Daily, can download Samsung Free from the Galaxy App Store.

Samsung Free.  (photo: Samsung)
Samsung Free. (photo: Samsung)

Learn more about Acast

In 2014, Acast was founded in the city of Stockholm, Sweden, becoming one of the most popular podcast platforms and one of the pioneers of the open podcast ecosystem, that connects all podcast players with the software infrastructure.

Through its infrastructure, Acast enables advertisers to target effectively to a specific audience by inserting dynamic ads, while the podcasters have access to a number of income-generating opportunities and the tools to expand your listener base.

Acast.  (photo: Medium)
Acast. (photo: Medium)

The company is currently in 12 countries and in 2020 around three billion listeners on the podcast connected to Acast. Today, Acast features more than 30,000 shows.


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