The “new order” of the Mbappé era at PSG: friction with Neymar and the Argentines in their sights

Mbappé was at the center of criticism after the last game (Photo: Reuters) (SARAH MEYSSONNIER/)

The authorities of paris st germain are focused on burying the conflict that broke out last weekend between Neymar Y Kylian Mbappe. However, the cold War that unleashed this “penaltygate II” continues especially with information that appears in the Brazilian media that report day by day on the details of the problem between the star of that country and the French figure.

After the details that became known in the Brazilian press recently, the media LOU revealed that the short circuit left sparks burning in the PSG locker room. The Mbappé’s “reign”, they assured, began in turmoil and marked that the “new order” is “shaking” after his reactions in the match against Montpellier, the first starter of the season. Those gestures of annoyance on the court They deepened the discomfort that different soccer players have “for a long time”even called more attention his misunderstanding in an attack play for not receiving a pass than the discussion of the penalty with ney.

The journalist Thiago Arantes affirmed that behind closed doors see that kiki is behaving differently since achieving a resounding renovation of contract and some colleagues define intimacy as “spoiled” and “unbearable”.

The sources cited warn that there are two factors in the conversion process that Mbappé lives after signing the new bond until 2025. revenues are higher than those scheduled with Neymar and Lionel Messibut the point that gives it the greatest back is the influence that began to have in the decisions of others to what happens on the field each game. They note that he expressed some agreement with the departures of Mauricio Pochettino and Leonardo, but another item is the strongest: He would have asked President Nasser Al-Khelaifi “to dismantle the Argentine Republic that existed in the locker room”.

Mbappé renewed his contract until 2025 at PSG (Photo: Reuters)
Mbappé renewed his contract until 2025 at PSG (Photo: Reuters) (CHRISTIAN HARTMANN/)

That mentioned core was made up of the four Argentines who belonged to the squad until the previous season, but it is also mentioned when Spanish Ander Herrera and to Costa Rican Keylor Navas. Although they also clarify that Neymar “is close to the group of Argentines”. The detail is that Angel Di Maria he went free to Juventus, Mauro Icardi was sent to train with the expendables on another shift while looking for club and Leandro Paredes negotiate against the clock his march to the old lady from Italy. The Spanish Herrera was also separated of the professional staff and Navas was designated as a substitute for Gianluigi Donnarummaa determination that pushed him to negotiate his arrival at Napoli.

The purpose of this process of dismantling the groups would be “create a new order” as happened in the past when it was decided to let the Brazilians Thiago Silva and Daniel Alves leave.

In this line of argument it does not sound casual that two of the reinforcements that arrived are French, such is the case of defender Nordi Mukiele and striker Hugo Ekitike. Even the president himself revealed the plans in an interview with Le Parisian from weeks ago: “My goal for the next few years is to have only Parisian players in our team”. However, the road for now is winding in privacy: “The long-awaited process of making Mbappé leader of the group has not yet taken place”clarified the journalist Thiago Arantes.

No one overlooks the fact that PSG leaked during the transfer market the intention to listen to offers for Neymar, at the same time that the versions indicate that Mbappé did not oppose this fact, something that would have finished breaking the bond between the two figures that in in 2017 they were close in the locker room.

However, in Brazil they say that the other factor that prompted Kylian’s personality change in the group is his mother and manager Fayza Lamariwho has long influenced his son to “is imposed in the locker room” and even hinted at some discontent with some jokes from his teammates with the footballer. “With the new contract and the expectation of being the new leader of the club, the demand for a different position intensified”they affirmed.

Christope Galtier was in charge of publicly ending the short circuit that occurred in the “penaltygate” after the conclaves that were held after the fact. “no discomfort. It is an epiphenomenon, a secondary phenomenon. Obviously we met the next day to file all that and tell us what we had to say to each other”, he stated at a press conference. The club sought a diplomatic resolution, although there is general agreement that this is the first major challenge for the new manager. As they clarify, Galtier is respected by the stars, he even has a special appreciation for Messi, but he will have to show his management power to deactivate a bomb that threatens to blow up the locker room.

The “penaltygate” between Neymar and Mbappé uncovered other conflicts in PSG (Photo: Reuters) (CHRISTIAN HARTMANN/)


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