The new professional cycling league selected Miami Beach as the opening venue

The recently created National Cycling League (NCL) announced that its inaugural event will take place in miami beach on April 8. The organization, which inherited the name of the entity from the 1980s, received investments of USD 7.5 million, among others from athletes from the nba and the nfl as Jalen Ramsey and Bradley Bealin order to reinvigorate the sport with a focus on criterium racing.

After Miami Beach, Atlanta will host the second stop of the 2023 circuit, on May 14, and the remaining two races will take place late summer: August 13 in Denver and September 10 in Washington, D.C..

10 cycling teams—by invitation only, each with six men and six women—are expected to compete in the series to determine the winner of the NCL Cup 2023, which will divide a prize of USD 1 million among the five best teams. Fans will have access to race data via the NCL leaderboard, a first for professional criterium events.

Two teams, both owned by the league, have been confirmed for the series: Miami Nights and Denver Disruptors. The eight additional teams are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

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The NCL is touted as the first professional sports league to be minority, majority-female owned, declaring itself the first professional sport of its kind built around the 21st century values ​​of diverse ownership, gender equality, technology, and sustainability . With this idea, the organization will seek to break into a traditional sector and take advantage of a global market that could grow to USD 128,000 million in 2029.

Instead of the traditional first to cross the finish line wins approach, the NCL is based on a points system, so every lap counts and everyone can score. Women and men compete on the same circuit, but separately and at different times. In the end, their scores are combined as one team.

NCL rosters will be made up of men’s and women’s teams, competing separately to accumulate as many points as possible. (NCL)

All NCL athletes receive salaries in addition to their racing earnings. These will be of criterium style (also known as critical races), which means they are closed circuits, with multiple turns, through the streets of the city, more Formula 1 that Tour de France. Teams of six will do 30 laps of 1 to 2 kilometers at a speed of between 48 and 72 kilometers per hour.

“We are proud to partner with these iconic cities and civic leaders who share the NCL’s values ​​and revolutionary vision for professional cycling in the USA“, said Paris Wallaceco-founder and CEO of the league.

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One of those civic leaders is Dan Gelberg, mayor of miami beach, who expressed that the city “is known for creating unforgettable experiences for residents in sports, arts and culture.” The partner municipalities are also interested in promoting the development of urban cycling as a sustainable mode of transport.

Paris Wallace, President and Co-Founder of the American National Cycling League (NCL), performing in Miami Beach
Paris Wallace, president of the NCL, spoke of the league’s “revolutionary vision and values” for cycling in the 21st century. (National Cycling League)

Gelber continued: “As we continue to transform the district Art Deco With world-class programming, I’m confident this fast-paced sport will resonate with our vibrant cycling community and continue the progress we’ve made in making Miami Beach more livable and bikeable.”

On January 17, the Miami Nights announced that they will partner with ZleL Concept Storein Coral gables, as the team’s official fan headquarters and club house. The two companies will collaborate on a series of initiatives and experiences around the development and exposure of professional and amateur cycling, its broader culture as a lifestyle, and the building of a community of fans.

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“We were looking for a local partner for the Miami Nights home base that shared our values ​​of building a diverse and inclusive cycling culture,” Wallace said. “ZIel, as the preeminent hub for Miami’s community of professional, amateur and casual cycling enthusiasts, was a perfect fit with our goals.”


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