The new video game inspired by Dragon Ball

File photo. | Credit: Bandai Namco

The iconic story of Akira Toriyama has gifted us with a considerable number of adaptations to anime and also on the big screen; However, it must be recognized that the passage through the world of videogames has not been low either, since Dragon Ball has numerous fighting and adventure titles for almost all consoles, generating positive and negative experiences over the years; However, the last game in this saga offers a gameplay that is separated from traditional combats, since ‘Dragon Ball: The Breakers’ offers different mechanics than what we were used to.

‘Dragon Ball: The Breakers’ opened closed beta this weekend, where a small group of players had the opportunity to play and learn about the dynamics of the game. Beyond the fighting, the title proposes a survival game, where a team of seven people without powers must work as a team to escape from one of the great villains of the series, which will be controlled by another player, this is how the game proposes us games of 7 vs 1.

In the previews shown by some gaming communities it can be seen how the ‘citizens’ will have to fulfill a series of objectives throughout the map in order to repair a time machine and in this way flee from the villain, on the other hand, the opposing player will have the mission to prevent the survivors from fleeing, because this character will have powers and will have the ability to evolve as the game progresses and this is acquiring more powers.

Although it seems unbalanced, since the villains have more speed and powers, the grace of the game consists of the possibilities that the survivors have to counteract this imbalance, since they will have objects that allow them to move faster around the map, hide and even momentarily knock out the villain, so teamwork is not optional, that is, it will take the help of all the members to recover the parts of the time machine.

Like other interesting mechanics, players will also have the opportunity to collect the Dragon Balls and thus defeat the villain; however, this parallel dynamic is more complicated so escaping through the time machine will always be the first option. In addition to the above, although there is not the direct presence of the great Sayayin such as Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and the others, some of these can be invoked by gathering enough energy, which allows the player to change shape for a brief moment and gain the necessary powers to flee in the middle of a desperate situation or even stand up to the villain for an instant.

The section of the map is also worth highlighting, as it brings together important elements that we have seen in the anime in a wide field where the games will take place, a scenario that provides a dose of nostalgia for fans of ‘Dragon World’.

Finally, it should be noted that with the absence of the iconic heroes of the saga, those who will shine for their prominence will be the villains, because whoever plays as one of these will have the possibility of embodying Cell, Freeza, among others, in addition, each one It will have unique abilities and powers and its own ability to evolve that will make things more difficult for the survivors as the time of the game passes.

Although there is no official release date for ‘Dragon Ball: The Breakers’ (since it is only known that it will be in 2022) everything seems to indicate that with this closed beta Bandai Namco wanted to show a little what it wanted to offer this title that departs from the genre fighting and drinking from the playability of other video games such as ‘Dead by Daylight’, developed by Behavior Interactive in which a group of survivors has to survive the presence of some of the most iconic assassins in movies, series and even other video games.


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