The North Korean regime fired several cruise missiles amid rising tensions with the US and Japan

The North Korean regime fired several cruise missiles amid rising tensions with the US and Japan. (REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji) (KIM HONG-JI/)

The regime of North Korea fired several cruise missiles that flew over waters near an important military shipyard on the east coast of the country, as reported this Sunday by the south korean army through a statement, at a time of growing tensions between Pyongyang and Seoul.

He Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea indicated that “our armed forces detected several unidentified cruise missiles shot near the waters surrounding the North Korean region of Sinpo at 08:00 today.”

Although he south korean army did not provide specific details about the launch, such as the number of missiles fired, their range, or whether they were launched from land or naval facilities, these actions increase tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

This action comes a few days after North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un ordered the launch of several cruise missiles at the Yellow seadescribing them as the new generation of strategic cruise missiles.

Over the course of this month, the North has stepped up its weapons tests, including what it called a “underwater nuclear weapons systems” and a hypersonic ballistic missile with solid fuel.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff indicated that the launch is being analyzed by the intelligence authorities of the South and USAand that they are “closely monitoring other movements and activities of the regime of Pyongyang.

Unlike ballistic missiles, cruise missile testing is not prohibited under US sanctions. UN. These missiles are usually jet-powered and fly at a lower altitude than ballistic missiles, making them more difficult to detect and intercept.

Last Thursday, Pyongyang announced that it had carried out the first test of a new generation of strategic cruise missiles, known as Pulhwasal-3-31.

In response, United States, South Korea and Japan intensified their joint military exercises, which Kim Jong-un describes as rehearsals for an invasionand improved their deterrence strategies based on US nuclear-capable assets.

According to the North Korean propaganda agency KCNAthe test is part of “a process of constant updating of the weapons system and a regular and mandatory activity”, without providing details about the number of missiles launched on that occasion.

The North Korean regime maintains that its weapons are capable of carrying nuclear warheads and have a range of up to 2,000 kilometers, which would include US military bases in Japan.

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