The Pentagon detected another Chinese spy balloon and assured that it is flying over Latin America

The Pentagon detected another Chinese spy balloon and assured that it is flying over Latin America. (REUTERS) (Chase Doak/)

The authorities of USA they detected a new chinese spy balloon that is flying over Latin AmericaThis was stated by the Pentagon this Friday, one day after a similar ship entered US airspace.

“We are seeing information from a balloon that is flying over Latin America. We now assess that it is another Chinese surveillance balloon”, said in a statement sent to the press the spokesman for the Pentagon, Patrick Ryder, without specifying the exact location of the artifact.

The newspaper The nation from Costa Rica had just published an article about a white flying objectwhich looked like a hot air balloonand that it had been sighted over the Central American country.

Consulted by the chain CNNa senior official of the Pentagon indicated that the balloon sighted over Latin America does not appear to be addressing USA.

The Pentagon announced Thursday that it was tracking the movements of a Chinese “spy balloon” that was flying over the state of Mountain (northeast USA), where one of the three nuclear missile silo fields existing on US soil.

The other two atomic silo fields are located in two states bordering Montana: North Dakotaeast, and Wyomingto the south.

As the Pentagon explained this Friday, the balloon has moved in the last few hours in an easterly direction and is now in the center of the country, about 18,288 meters from the surface

While the first balloon detected crosses the North American country, the leadership of the Pentagon has strongly recommended to the president, Joe Bidenthat you do not take any action against the device for safety reasons, since debris could fall on the population.

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