The people of Potosi enjoyed “Family Day” in the Tangamanga Parks

The recently inaugurated Las Camelias park, in Matehuala, also registered a significant number of visitors

A large influx of visitors was registered this Sunday in the Tangamanga I and II parks in the capital of Potosi and Las Camelias in Matehuala, on the occasion of “Family Day”, where girls, boys, adolescents, adults and older people, from They came very early in search of a place within the parks to live, share and enjoy, as promoted by the Governor of San Luis Potosí, Ricardo Gallardo Cardona.

The general director of the Tangamanga parks, Enrique Alfonso Obregón, announced that the people of Potosi had the opportunity to enjoy the different sports areas and spaces, such as the Ecomuseum, the green and service areas, as well as the pets they found in the park. Pet Park an area for your care and entertainment.

He added that it is very gratifying for the Government of change to observe and witness the smiles and healthy coexistence that enhances family moments during their stay in the parks.

“Together, Government and society, let us continue to exalt and value the meaning of the family, knowing that it is constituted as the pillar of every society and as such, we must contribute to the construction of the social fabric, which allows us to live in harmony and equality”, said Alfonso Obregón.

Finally, on behalf of Governor Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, he extended congratulations to all the families of San Luis Potosí, wishing that it has been very pleasant and that they have found in the parks the right place for family gatherings, healthy recreation and fun.