The perfect couple at risk! Moses fell in ‘The stars dance in Today’

It was a terrible morning for the couple who have achieved perfect ratings in recent weeks of ‘The stars dance on Today’. Moses Peñaloza he slipped and fell prior to his presentation.

It happened when the costumes were tried on and they were warming up behind the scenes. The cameras caught him still on the floor, as the pain did not allow him to stand up, while Pia Sanz gave him moral support.

After the Televisa medical service came to treat him, Galilea Montijo confirmed that the dancer was taken to a hospital to have a plaque made. “It’s okay, he’s conscious,” said the presenter, who announced: “And Pía, in an act of professionalism, is going to dance alone.”

Pía had to modify the choreography at the last minute, which included loaded. Still, she filled the track and Lola Cortés congratulated her: “You have shown who you are, your professionalism, discipline, perseverance, what you just did is not something surprising, it is a consequence of who you are, you are that and more.”

Meanwhile, the contestant said: “Moi wanted to dance and he moved his leg and it hurt a lot. I told him that he couldn’t dance. I decided that, to dance for both of us, and now, he wanted to dance, if it were up to him, he would have gotten up from the stretcher and started dancing. “

Even without Moses, the pair received a total of 29 points.