The piñata and the memes left by Alfredo Adame’s street fight with a woman

The street fight of Alfredo Adame with a woman and a man he continues to talk about, and on social networks he became the target of ridicule and inspiration for memes.

While he denies that he was carrying a gun, as his opponents claimed, the actor became the protagonist of the scandal of the week for fighting in the middle of Periférico.

Exclusively, Adame told us that he never threatened his opponents with a gun “They always take out that I threatened them with a gun, remember when in front of my house we were getting into a car with a tow truck and (in a fight) I took out the cane , then Trejo said that I took out a gun”.

The version that you were armed is false…
They are false and if I had taken it out it is called legitimate defense because they are beating you, stealing doing things, remember that in Mexico there is legitimate defense, this guy got into me and stole my cell phone.

Meanwhile, memes continue to emerge on social networks where Alfredo, who also already has his piñata, made by the famous Piñatería Ramírez.