The plastic artist Marta Palau Bosch dies at the age of 88

passed away the plastic artist Marta Palau, reported the Ministry of Culture through social networks.

“The Ministry of Culture mourns the sensitive death of Martha Palau, notable sculptor, painter, potter, weaver and cultural manager, who pioneered feminist art and whose work represents an invaluable legacy in contemporary art in Mexico reads in the message.

The director of National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL), Lucina Jiménez reported that a tribute to the artist will be held.

“After challenging the conventions of materiality and art genre of the 70s, its objects and installations were presented as objects and witnesses of power from the south”, wrote the curator Cuauhtemoc Medina, on his Twitter account, about Palau and defined it as the greatest sculptor textile in Mexico.

Palau was born on July 17, 1934 in Albesa, Spain. Came to Mexico in 1940 and was nationalized. He studied painting and sculpture in The Emerald: later recorded in The Citadel and at San Diego State University, also studied pencil techniques in Barcelona.

His ephemeral installation in the Independent Hall of 1970 was a pioneer in using interactivity with the public and the sculptural setting. He founded the International Hall of Banners at the Tijuana Cultural Center in 1970 and was carried out until 2010.

She was deserving of Installation Award “Command Batons” on the II Havana Biennial (1986) and from Burger Preis Award for the installation “Altar de Naualli” in the 5th Fellbach Triennale, Germany (1992). He received the Doctorate Honoris Causa to l’Exili Català from the University of Lleida Catalonia, Spain (2002). Received the Rubén Darío Order of Cultural Independence, Republic of Nicaragua (2008). He has been a member three times of the National System of Creators (1993, 1997, 2003). In 2018 she was awarded the Fine Arts Medal.