The police officer accused in the murder of Octavio Ocaña remains in jail

Leopoldo N, the Cuautitlán Izcalli municipal police officer charged with manslaughter in the Octavio Ocaña case, will remain in jail for at least the next two months.

This is what the family’s lawyers reported last night when they left the hearing in which the police officer was linked to the process.

“(Leopoldo N) has three precautionary measures and as long as he does not comply with them, he will continue to be detained,” it was reported last night.

Those measures are a deposit of 100,000 pesos, a location bracelet and attend to sign every week at the Barrientos prison. The decision to comply with these measures or remain imprisoned corresponds to the defense and the accused party.

The connection to the process occurred because the judge considered that there is enough evidence for the probable responsibility of manslaughter and the line of investigation points to the fact that Leopoldo N and Gerardo N (also a police officer) shot at Octavio Ocaña‘s truck, which would have caused the shock and, consequently, the action of Ocaña of shooting at himself the pistol that he had in his hand at the same time that he was driving.

In the following two months, both the defense and the accused must offer evidence for the expansion of the investigation.

The lawyers also asked the Attorney General of the State of Mexico to “redouble efforts to locate and capture the other designated police officer.”