The popular Spanish-language forum “Taringa” is reborn as a new app

The Internet forum in Spanish that accompanied many users during its first years in cyberspace is back and seeks to recover all its members who were involved in the development of the platform.

Taringa has opened a registry for new users and 10,000 will be the lucky ones to be able to enter this new version first, which for the moment is by invitation.

taringa returns

Taringa is of Argentine origin and, in its beginnings, we could consider it as ‘a Spanish-speaking Reddit’.

The users met to talk about all the topics that had been and were to be, sharing texts, images and videos.

It was also a place to search for programs and tutorials, much like a general directory.

It was created by the brothers Botbol and Alberto Nakayama and they had a strong impact on the internet community, which created many famous memes and phrases that last over time (have you not heard the word “papu”?).

The growth of social networks such as Facebook and Instagram made it lose popularity and gradually disappear.

In 2019 it was sold to the company IOVLabs. How to join the new Taringa?

In order to join the new Taringa, you must register on its website

You must wait 15 minutes for the invitation email to arrive and enter and install the app on Android and iOS.

Remember that only 10,000 accounts will be opened in this first deployment.

If you don’t get an account, you can get a code through the platform’s Twitter.