The president of Israel said that the Hamas war in Gaza is part of the fight against the Iranian “evil empire”

Israel assured that the Hamas war in Gaza is only part of the fight against the Iranian “evil empire” (REUTERS) (DENIS BALIBOUSE/)

The president of Israel, Isaac Herzogreferred to the current war between his country and Hamas and described it as just one part of the fight they wage against “the evil empire emanating from Tehran”in reference to the key role that the Iranian regime plays in Middle East conflicts through destabilizing actions with the terrorist militias it supports.

In dialogue with the president of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Borge Brende, in Davos, the president assured that Iran “spends billions on weapons in order to end the stability of the region and from all over the world” and also has “delegations that seek to undermine any peace process.” In that sense, he targeted the Palestinian militia Hamas, which he accused of being “an important element of this jihadist culture of the Islamic State, determined to end the well-being of the only Jewish Statemassacring and killing people in the most barbaric way possible.”

That is why, Herzog continued, this war is not only for his country but is “for the entire universe, for the free world” and he even assured that if Israel were not there, the whites would be Europe and USA. To prevent terrorism from taking over the world order, the president asked the international community to unite and fight against this regime or to support its offensives, something that was clearly seen in recent weeks when actions were initiated against the rebels. Houthis in Yemenwhich daily threaten commercial ships transiting the Red Sea with their attacks.

In any case, the leader of the Jewish State acknowledged that there are civilian victims in this conflict and said that “it is painful that our neighbors are suffering so much, but there is no other way to defend ourselves if the enemy decides to entrench itself in a terror infrastructure of unimaginable size”.

Weapons in a house in Gaza
Herzog said that upon entering Gaza, the troops confirmed the immense network of terror that Hamas had built in the enclave, with all types of resources and weapons.

Israel explained that upon entering Gaza it confirmed the immense enemy network that Hamas had built throughout the enclave, not only in terms of infrastructure but also with resources and support from society.

It becomes “a very complicated war when in stores, dormitories, schools, you can see Islamic State flagscopies of Hitler’s book ‘My Struggle’ on the shelves, Hamas brochures for children in which they are taught values ​​of jihadism and terror”, he explained about it. Also, he commented that the Defense Forces have found missiles “that can reach Israel with the push of a button,” in homes.

Gaza “became a platform of terror for Iran and its proxies”lamented the president when referring to the unilateral withdrawal from the Strip in 2005, after which the terrorist militia took full control.

A little more than 100 days after the massive attacks on his country were launched, Herzog assured that his people are still trying to assimilate what they experienced. “We saw things that humanity had not seen in generations, the highest number of Jewish victims since the Holocaust, atrocities, sadistic atrocities, rapes, beheadings, entire families burned,” he denounced the actions that were recorded in videos and images captured by the terrorists themselves.

Likewise, he said that his nation continues to work “incessantly” to achieve the release of the hostages126 according to him, among whom are “Muslims, women, foreign citizens, girls, Holocaust survivors, people between 1 and 85 years old,” as is the case of baby Kfir Bibas, who this Thursday turns his first year of life. .

The President assured that his nation continues to work against the clock to achieve the release of all the hostages (REUTERS)
The President assured that his nation continues to work against the clock to achieve the release of all the hostages (REUTERS) (ALEXANDRE MENEGHINI/)

Finally, the President spoke about the future of the enclave once operations there are completed, an issue much debated in recent times, and said about a possible rapprochement with the Palestinian National Authority (ANP) that Israel “has tried in many ways” but it is the Palestinian Government that must take action so that progress can be made in that direction.

“We have to offer a future for both Palestinians and Israelis in which we can live together, in which Gaza is well managed,” he concluded.

(With information from EFE)