The president of Taiwan will meet with the leader of the House of Representatives in the United States

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen. REUTERS/I-Hwa Cheng (I-HWA CHENG/)

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wenwill meet with the leader of the United States House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, in California, the newspaper reported on Tuesday Financial Times.

McCarthy had expressed interest in visiting Taiwan as her predecessor did. Nancy Pelosi in August on a trip that provoked a furious response from China with huge military maneuvers around the island.

The Taiwanese government warned that another high-profile visit could provoke a new military response from Beijing and provided McCarthy’s team with information on threats from China, the newspaper added, citing an unnamed Taiwanese senior official.

This island lives under threat of Chinese invasionwhich considers the territory as its own and repeatedly warns of its intention to retake it.

Taiwan’s defense minister warned on Monday that the increase in military spending announced by China over the weekend was aimed at the island.

“I think they are waiting for a good reason to send troops, such as high-level visits from other countries to Taiwan or too frequent activities between our military and other countries,” Chiu Kuo-cheng said.

McCarthy’s office did not comment on this hypothetical meeting, which, according to the British newspaper, will take place in April. The Taiwanese presidency also did not confirm this information when contacted on Tuesday by AFP.

Taiwan’s foreign ministry neither confirmed nor denied the visit.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.  REUTERS/Leah Millis/File Photo
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. REUTERS/Leah Millis/File photo (LEAH MILLIS/)

Pelosi said upon her arrival in Taiwan on Tuesday that her controversial visit demonstrated Washington’s firm commitment to the self-governing island, which China considers part of its territory.

Our Congressional Delegation’s Visit to Taiwan Honors America’s Unwavering Commitment to Supporting Taiwan’s Vibrant Democracythe top US lawmaker said in a statement released moments after her plane landed.

Pelosi visited Taiwan in August 2022 and met with the President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen, as part of her official schedule on the island.

Upon arrival at the presidential palace, Tsai called Pelosi an “outstanding stateswoman” and one of Taiwan’s oldest friends.

The president extended her “sincere gratitude” to the speaker of the US House of Representatives and He said he felt “great admiration” for her.

Amid tensions with Beijing, exacerbated by Pelosi’s visit to the island, the president He said his country “will do whatever is necessary to maintain peace and stability” in the nation. “Taiwan will not back down,” she said.

For her part, Pelosi said that the US delegation visits the island to make the message of support for Taipei unequivocally clear. “We will not abandon our commitment to Taiwan,” he added.

“The determination of the United States to preserve democracy in Taiwan and the rest of the world remains unwavering,” he said.

The US official praised the leadership of the Taiwanese president and pointed out that now more than ever, the solidarity of the United States with Taiwan is “crucial”.

“From a melting pot of challenges, has created a flourishing democracy, led by a female president”, he commented.

Taiwanese President awarded Pelosi with the Order of Auspicious Clouds for her “support” of the territory, expressed her hope that Taiwan and the US “continue their mutual support” to make “democracy shine again,” while thanking Pelosi for her “concrete actions in support of Taiwan at a critical time.”

Prior to her attendance at the presidential palace, the president of the US House of Representatives, paid a visit to the Taiwanese Parliament.

(With information from AFP)

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