The real reason Ingrid Coronado left television

Ingrid Coronado He resigned from ‘Come joy’ three years ago in the middle of the mystery. The host was one of the leaders of the program and her sudden decision was so decisive that she not only left the morning, but also totally moved away from television.

His retirement was said to be due to problems with Anette Michel and that the relationship with his fellow programmers was already unsustainable.

The truth is different. Ingrid Coronado, in fact, he was about to physically succumb. “I felt extremely bad, I did not have the time that I wanted to dedicate to my family, I was distraught and did not enjoy my work,” he says in an interview.

Ingrid She decided to stop in her life in which the controversies were constant: her marriage to Fernando del Solar (for which she was criticized), her divorce at the age of four (for which she was criticized), her relationship with her ex, Charly lopez (for which she was criticized).

“I realized that if I didn’t stop, I would get sick. It was a very difficult stage in my life and I made the decision to retire for three months. I thought it was going to be enough. ”

But no. Time passed and Ingrid she didn’t feel ready to go back to television.

“I needed to heal a lot of things. Not only physically, but also emotionally, I felt really bad, “he emphasizes. Crowned.

He says that last year he began to feel the strength to return to work. “They invited me to do a radio show and I decided to accept. Suddenly I felt very comfortable with the family dynamics, I had time to be with my children, be a mother, take care of the house and then do the program ”.

A few weeks ago, Ingrid They offered her to be the host of the television program ‘Todos a baile’, and she accepted. “I loved the concept because it is dance, it is a family show, children participate. He had everything I wanted ”.

Now, in addition, their children understand better that sometimes their mother has to work. “I can say that now I have had to dance with the prettiest.”