The real reason why Geraldine Bazán moved away from soap operas

The artist mentioned that her decision to stay away from the small screen (Photo: Instagram)

Geraldine Bazán is widely recognized for her participation in soap operas such as The reins of love or Victory, However, for some time, the actress has stayed away from this type of production and finally revealed why.

The artist mentioned that her decision to stay away from the small screen was completely personal and she did it in order to support your daughter Elissa Marie 12-year-old, who just dabbled in telenovela If they let us.

I am a mother hen completely, because of her I am a mother, assistant, photographer, makeup artist, cheerleader, wardrobe … The truth is that the pride of a mother is difficult to explain and beyond anything, seeing her as an actress I am very proud of she “expressed Bazán for TV and novels.

Likewise, he explained that his daughter focused a lot on this new project and studied what is necessary to perform your role in the best way possible. In addition, she took the opportunity to tell that Elissa, who is also the fruit of Gabriel Soto, grew up in the middle and that was something that prompted her to follow the model of their parents.

(Photo: Geraldine Bazan / Instagram)
At the moment he has no intention of recording again (Photo: Geraldine Bazan / Instagram)

“Since she was little she has been in the midst of cameras, photos, theaters, forums … then she has become familiar. The first thing she did was because they invited her to be my daughter in a project, she liked it, although it was extremely green there, ”she exclaimed.

Geraldine elaborated that for the moment has no intention of recording again in some project of this type, because he is at a very important point in his life.

“I am not resting. What happens is that people think that when you do not work in television it is because you are resting, but it is not like that. I have been doing other things, because during life one has to diversify, I am growing as a businesswoman, in addition, developing a platform together with some partners, for content creators ”, he added.

In the same way, she emphasized again that her role as a mother has been fundamental during this time, since she is the one who take his daughter to the so-called and is on the lookout for everything to go well.

“I’m enjoying this time, I’ve traveled a lot lately and I think one also becomes more selective with projects,” he said.

(Photo: @ geraldinebazan / Instagram)
the actress moved away from the small screen (Photo: @ geraldinebazan / Instagram)

Geraldine Bazán’s new romance

Geraldine Bazán She has been in the spotlight not only because of the spectacular figure she maintains at 38 years of age, but also because she seems to be in love with her new partner, the businessman. Luis Murillo, after his scandalous separation with Gabriel Soto.

It was just a few months ago when the actress revealed some clues about her new romance, because during a live Through Instagram where she explained to her followers why they had hospitalized her, she sent a message full of love to someone very special.

“To you, that you already know who you areThank you for your love, for your time, for pampering me so much, thank you… ”Bazán said with a smile.

Over time, the couple has not been able to avoid expressing their love through networks, because from time to time they share a photo together, despite the fact that the actress does not want to speak publicly of the subject.

In an interview with the program The sun rises, thanked the media interest and shared the reason why he prefers to keep his love affair private. “The truth is that above all that my partner is not from the middle, so it is also a little respect when you are not known. And I think it is also much healthier ”, he stressed.


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