The reason why Raúl Velasco did not want “Boquitas Pintadas” in Always on Sunday: “They are prosts…”

Painted Mouths


Boquitas Pintadas was the group created by Sergio Andrade in 1985 and made up of María Raquenel Portillo (Mary Boquitas), Gloria Trevi, Pilar Romero, Mónica Murr and Claudia Rosas.

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The controversial name was a reference to the novel Boquitas Pintadas, by the Argentine writer Manuel Puig, so at the time, it was very “strong” for a band of young girls to be called that.

Raúl Velasco was one of those who thought twice before accepting the girls on his program, as he confessed that his style did not adapt to the Always on Sunday format.

According to what he said in an interview, the deceased driver, Sergio Andrade, approached him and said: “I have a group of girls that are going to be a success and they are very good.”

Raúl’s surprise was imminent. “How are they called?’ -I asked-. ‘Painted mouths’ -he responded-. I saw them, I said, ‘these are teenage prostitutes, man. That’s what they’re selling with the group.'”.

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However, Velasco admitted that due to different pressures he had to let them sing on the leading Sunday program, although they disintegrated later.