The reasons that bring Carlos Acevedo closer to an important Bundesliga club

The actions of the Santista goalkeeper have put him in the sights of clubs in the old continent (Photo: Andrés Herrera / EFE) (Andrés Herrera /)

The consolidation of Carlos Acevedo placeholder image as one of the leading goalkeepers in Mexican soccer, he seems to be coming. The Santos Laguna goalkeeper has demonstrated his vast abilities and solvency in the goal during the last tournaments, which has positioned him as an option for the Mexican National Team and even has put him in the crosshairs of one of the most important clubs in the German Bundesliga.

According to the collaborator of Fox Sports, Gustavo Mendoza, there would be an alleged interest on the part of the Bayer Leverkusen to get the services of the Aztec keeper. This has been revealed moments after announcing that his presence was practically confirmed in the concentration of the Tri for the friendly duel against Chile, which marks the Acevedo’s first appearance with the Mexican National Team.

“The Warriors guardian, Carlos Acevedo, they want him in Germany, there is a team that has been following him for a long time, Bayer Leverkusen could be the team that is thinking of hiring Acevedo “said the sportscaster for the television network.

Goalkeeper Carlos Acevedo (Photo: Twitter @ cristhopher2812)
Acevedo has risen as one of the pillars of Santos in recent tournaments (Photo: Twitter @ cristhopher2812)

The performance shown by the santista in recent times has led the Lagunera region to fight for the championship. Their actions under the three suits helped, which until recently were led by Guillermo Almada, to reach the final of the last tournament, which they lost against Cruz Azul in May of this year. Acevedo was essential for the runner-up with key shortcuts in league matches.

Santos’ participation in the current Scream Mexico Opening 2021 ended after being eliminated by Tigres in the quarterfinals. However, Carlos rose again as the great figure of the first leg after cover more than one hand-to-hand play against feline forwards. In the return leg he failed to do anything in the only goal against he received in the final phase.

This constant good acting of the young archer also provoked diverse opinions from characters immersed in the national media. Several repeatedly asked Gerardo Martino to be taken into account for future calls and given a chance to prove himself on the Tricolor stage.

Tata Martino would give Carlos Acevedo his first chance in the National Team (Photo: José Méndez / EFE)
Tata Martino would give Carlos Acevedo his first chance in the National Team (Photo: José Méndez / EFE) (José Méndez José Méndez /)

With the opportunity to test various pieces in all sectors of the court, it seems that the Tata He did not ignore it and will call the Torreón goalkeeper for the friendly duel. According to reports, This call for the Mexican National Team is full of young soccer players that they will just take their first steps in the Aztec team.

Acevedo currently has an estimated market value of EUR 4 million, so the incitement of the German club could mean an important economic gain for the Lagunera board. However, the goalkeeper appeared as one of the pillars of the future project of the Warriors, For this reason, he was recently renewed the contract until 2025.

To date, everything has been positioned only as a rumor and we will have to wait to see if Bayer actually puts a card on the table in this transfer market. Although if it does not materialize this December, Nothing rules out that the goalkeeper can go to the old continent for the summer of next year 2022. In addition, it was also rumored of a possible interest on the part of the Chivas to specify their arrival in the herd instead of Raúl Gudiño.


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