The remains of Chabelo are cremated: “The chapter of the great actor closes”

The remains of the comedian and actor Xavier López “Chabelo” have already been cremated, after funeral services that were held on Saturday afternoon, after the death of the artist.

Through a statement Chabelo’s family revealed that it was done a mass for the body present, which was privateand later became in ashes the remains of the actor.

“The remains of Mr. Xavier López ‘Chabelo’ are being cremated, the mass was held in providado. The Lopez Miranda family, thank each of you for the interestempathy and support in these painful moments”, states the statement.

They also mention in the document thatue Chabelo wanted to be remembered like a man who He had a deep dedication to his work and to the public.

“Today the chapter of a great actor closes, of a man who gave his life to the public and who worked tirelessly for more than 70 years. And it’s just like I wanted to be remembered as an honorable man of absolute dedication to his work, to his public. Today we say goodbye to husband, father and grandfather. Today we say goodbye to the unique ‘Chabelo’”, reads the message.

Yes there will be tributes to Chabelo

Chabelo’s family reported that in the next few days they will be revealed details about tributes dedicated to remembering the “friend of children”.

“Throughout the week if possiblethey will be informed about the events derived from his death, that is, posthumous tributes or recognitions. We will let this week go by to speak more calmly and serenely with the people indicated for this purpose.”, explains the statement.