The renewal of Mbappé, the present of Messi, the arrival of Sergio Ramos and the climate of the dressing room: a figure from PSG revealed intimacies of the club

Ander Herrera spoke about the current situation of PSG (Reuters) (BENOIT TESSIER /)

The PSG went on to occupy the first covers of the sports media after the two top referents of the Barcelona and Real Madrid They will choose to be part of the Parisian club. Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos They ended their respective contracts with the Spanish entities and arrived in France with the mission of continuing to compete at the highest level.

His arrival in Paris brought a lot of repercussion worldwide and at the same time rumors and speculation about how is day to day in a changing room full of stars. The midfielder recently spoke about it Ander Herrera, who in dialogue with Sports world He assured that many lies are told, “a lot of biased and manipulated information.”

The former Manchester United footballer gave an interview in which he also spoke about the team’s references and the comparison between the Argentine star and Kylian Mbappé: “He will be the best player in the world for many years but we all agree that Leo it is the number one”.

Herrera considered that Messi is the best in the world ahead of Mbappé (Efe)
Herrera considered that Messi is the best in the world ahead of Mbappé (Efe) (Christophe Petit Tesson /)

Before the end of the year, the prestigious French newspaper L’Equipe He surprised the world with a report that detailed the climate of tension that exists in the Parisian dressing room. From there many opinions arose from which Herrera decided to go out and talk.

“A lot of biased and manipulated information arrives. At first it may bother you, now it’s funny. We would devote an entire conversation to the lies I have heard about this team. This wardrobe is much healthier than people think. There are young people, wanting to have fun. Do we get angry sometimes? Sure, as in any job, but then we give each other a hug, “he said.

A changing room that is full of stars and with two great references such as Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos. About his compatriot, the Spaniard, he acknowledged that is going through a difficult time: “He’s used to feeling important, to playing and leading. It was not easy, now he has been training for two or three weeks at a fantastic level and we are optimistic. You can see it in his character and in the happiness that he radiates ”.

Herrera explained the moment that Sergio Ramos is living (Reuters)
Herrera explained the moment that Sergio Ramos is living (Reuters) (BENOIT TESSIER /)

When he referred to The fleaHerrera had no doubts: “During my career I have come across leaders by word of mouth, like Sergio Ramos, and then by example, like Messi. He has won his seventh Ballon d’Or and train and enjoy as if you started playing now. Not a single training action is taken as a joke “

At the same time, he considered that, “Players of Messi’s level shorten the acclimatization time. He will play the same way in France, in Spain, in Japan or in Madagascar. He bases his style on the ball, on understanding, on imbalance. The good ones are good everywhere “

Finally, regarding the numbers that accompany him and his present, the 32-year-old explained: “At times we have already seen the best version of Leo, as against City at home, but I believe that it is also the responsibility of all those around him. We have to put ourselves at your service to get the best out of it. Normally, the most earthly ones have to adapt to a new context. Now it is the other way around because we are talking about the best footballer in history ”.

Herrera got rid of praise for the Argentine (Reuters)
Herrera got rid of praise for the Argentine (Reuters) (BENOIT TESSIER /)

Despite his young age (23 years old) Kylian Mbappé also became one of the leaders of the squad. The Frenchman shows his talent match by match, however, Herrera made it clear: “He will be the best player in the world for many years but we all agree that Leo it is the number one”, and regarding their relationship, he explained: “Mbappé has a humility and an immense desire to learn from Leo. The good ones understand each other. It is a natural chemistry. They speak the same language in the field ”.

But this connection seems to be coming to an end, especially due to the former Monaco’s refusal to renew with PSG. Anyway, the midfielder was confident: “There is scope to try to renew him. There’s time. I also want him to stay because I want to be surrounded by the best, but above all there is respect. We do not pressure him at all about his future, in the dressing room we do not talk about anybody’s contractual issues ”.

After reviewing the present of three of the great names that Pochettino has, he also had time to talk about his friend Neymar: “I know him well, he is my friend and he has a huge heart. What millions of people who do not know him say has nothing to do with my experience ”.

Finally, he gave his opinion about his next rivals in the Champions League after the double draw that took place in Switzerland: “A club that has thirteen Champions, against one that has not yet been European champion, has to be a slight favorite. We do not. At most, equal to 50%. Although Real Madrid does not need to be in a good moment to lift the Champions League. That says it all”.


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