The right smartphone to create content has arrived in Mexico: HONOR 50

“Go Beyond”, which in Spanish means “Go Beyond” is the HONOR motto that this time launched HONOR 50, his first smartphone with all Google services and that has aspects focused on video.

Trends in technology are constantly changing, and HONOR company find a great opportunity in this technological evolution, which consisted of manufacturing a device that seeks, in addition to making calls or sending messages, to become an indispensable tool for their daily life, thanks to the search for these trends.

Currently calls and messages are an additional, since the focus is on a processor that quickly opens all kinds of applications; in a RAM and ROM that lets you install everything, store videos, photos, music without problems, as well as high-capacity cameras (front and rear).

The HONOR 50 will arrive in different colors (Photo: HONOR)

And now everyone takes a selfie or wants to make videos for their stories, tiktoks, video calls, etc, so have one powerful camera on mobile it is an indispensable requirement.

For this reason, HONOR adapted to this new era of social networks in which a mobile phone to make or receive phone calls is no longer enough.

What can you do with HONOR 50?

As mentioned above, the processor and memory are important because it will depend on these two aspects for the gadget to perform simultaneous or heavy tasks without getting stuck in addition to storing photos, videos, files and Applications.

honor 50
Illustrative image of its multi-video options (Photo: HONOR)

That said, it should be noted that the HONOR 50 comes in two versions. The basic one has 6 and 128 GB of RAM and ROM, respectively; the other has 8 and 256 GB of RAM and ROM, respectively.

With this you can know in advance that you will not get stuck in heavy tasks as is your choice of multi-video recording that would be unbearable for a cell phone from past generations.

The answer is because it allows combinations of three cameras to have a video in one shot without the need for additional editing software. For example, you can record both the selfie camera and the rear camera at the same time; record front shot and immediately roll back without cutting the video; have double-view recording that divides the screen in two (front and rear or vice versa) useful for those who like to broadcast live and want their followers to see the same thing as them without having to leave the frame.

honor 50
Examples of what your multi-video options are like (Photo: HONOR)

But it is not exclusive for streamers, because you can take advantage of this mode in a family video call, so they can see you while you show a tour of the house, dinner, the pet or more.

Another of its multi-video modalities is Picture on PictureIn this case, it allows you to record and at the same time insert a video frame inside it. For example, you may be filming a concert and sneak into a box to “appear” next to the artist.

There are also the modes of fast and slow recording that will be useful to those who like to make narrative videos, since it gives the recording visual beauty. And speaking of beauty, it is possible to place filters while recording.

The cameras are very powerful regardless of the distance, as the image is not distorted or clarity is lost. The main camera is 108 MP, its wide angle for group photos or those that require amplitude in the shot is 8 MP, the Bokeh camera, that is, that blurs the background and focuses on the foreground, has 2 MP, the macro to take details is 2 MP and finally the selfies is 32 MP with Artificial Intelligence in a wide angle of 90 ° that allows the taking of group selfies to be perfect.

Another aspect to highlight is its battery Honor SuperCharge, which in other words, allows a super fast charge, since only enough 20 minutes to get 70 percent battery.

This means that the HONOR 50 is an ideal mobile for anyone, but especially for those who enjoy uploading videos to their stories, broadcasting live or doing tiktoks, since their cameras, video modes and battery will have them within the play.

The HONOR 50 It will be available in your online store from November 10:


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